Hollyoaks fans predict Warren and Fergus showdown as Maxine admits to affair
23rd August 2021

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Hollyoaks fans are convinced that Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) will get the ultimate revenge on Fergus Collins (Robert Beck) in the near future.

Dodgy Fergus sank to a new low last week as he manipulated his girlfriend's daughter Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) into thinking that they’d had sex.

The sick property developer was desperate to cover his tracks and keep Maxine quiet, after she discovered a mysterious account by the name of Blue Bird while sorting through her boyfriend Warren's paperwork.

Fans of the Channel 4 soap will know that Project Blue Bird is the name of his sick online operation which sees Fergus install cameras in women’s homes, and stream the footage online so that paying customers can spy on them.

Fergus wasted little time in manipulating Maxine, suggesting that her line of questioning regarding Blue Bird is indicative of her having no trust in Warren.

Maxine ultimately started to believe his lies, and she was even appreciative of Fergus’ advice.

The two bonded, and subsequently partied the night away, but things took an unexpected turn.

Fergus made out that it was she who made the first move. leaving Maxine gutted.

She wanted to come clean but Fergus manipulated her once more, claiming that Trish wouldn’t be able to cope if she found out what they’d done.

Fergus was far from finished, as he insinuated that Maxine deliberated set out to destroy her relationship with Warren because she knows they are not right for each other.

Heartbroken at such claims, she made the decision to end things with Warren, leaving him devastated.

During the latest first-look episode on E4, Maxine told Warren that she ended their relationship because she slept with someone else.

The angry villain furiously went around to Maxine's colleague Sami Maalik (Rishi Nair)'s home, convinced he was man in question.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "OMG Fergus actually set Maxine up seriously? Warren's totally gonna kill him."

Another added: "Just tell him Max so Warren can kill Fungus and put us all out of our misery."

While a third person posted: "I hope Warren sends Fergus packing."

A fourth social media user said: "I really hope Warren finds out it was Fergus."

However, the police turned up and arrested Warren for forcing himself into the Maailks' household.

How will Warren react when he finds out his pal Fergus slept with his girlfriend?

The resident bad boy is not afraid to get his hands dirty and has previously committed murder on more than one occassion.

Hollyoaks airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 6.30pm followed by a first-look episode on E4 at 7pm

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