Here’s What the ‘Encanto’ Metacritic Score Means for Future Cultural Disney Movies
19th November 2021

Encanto is Disney‘s next big animated movie. Charise Castro Smith and Jared Bush wrote the screenplay that they co-directed with Byron Howard. The bright and colorful trailer drew audiences in and they will soon be able to see Encanto for themselves. The Encanto Metacritic score is out, and it’s a mostly positive response. However, the reviews say a lot about the perception of cultural filmmaking with the Disney formula attached.

The ‘Encanto’ Metacritic score is mostly positive

Encanto tells the heartwarming story of a young Colombian girl named Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). She faces the frustration of being the only member of the family without magical powers. Something strange is happening with the magic and Mirabel must get to the bottom of it before the magic that holds her family together fades away.

The Encanto Metacritic score is mostly positive at a 72 based on 20 critic reviews. The highest score comes from San Francisco Chronicle with a 100, while The Guardian’s 40 score is the lowest. However, the movie currently enjoys a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Future cultural Disney movies must push more boundaries

Critics praise the movie’s “eye-popping visual design” and “sweet showtunes” that are sure to drive families to the theaters. However, it’s criticized for “bland” storytelling and a “contrived storyline.” Encanto aims to land the usual Disney impact. It wants to have mass appeal to both children and adults, but have an emotional impact that’s relatable. However, it brings a cultural narrative to the typical Disney formula.

Slash Film hit the nail on the head that there’s an expectation for Encanto to advance its storytelling past what audiences expect from Disney. Encanto delivers exactly what it advertises itself to be. However, more diverse storytelling tends to have harsher critiques. They tend to be less harsh for traditional Disney movies with all-white protagonists. But, what’s wrong with Encanto delivering on a simply pleasant moviegoing experience? Disney already has an abundance of them that families hold dear.

Disney has a formula that works, so it’s unlikely that they’ll entirely disregard a proven machine. However, Encanto‘s critiques regarding it being a run-of-the-mill animated Disney flick hardly seem very fair. It’s opening the Disney narrative to more diverse and inclusive storytelling and there’s nothing wrong with that. Disney will occasionally deviate from the formula when it sees fit, but it’s clear that some folks are expecting more boundaries to be pushed.

‘Encanto’ release date

Encanto hits theaters just in time for Thanksgiving on Nov. 24. The animated Disney movie captures the theme of family, which is likely part of the reason for the movie’s scheduling. The marketing hasn’t been quite to the level of some of Disney’s past treasures, but Encanto is a crowd-pleaser that’s sure to settle well with audiences.

The animated Disney movie will have a 30-day theatrical exclusive window. However, Encanto will hit the streaming service Disney+ after that. Dec. 24 will mark Encanto‘s arrival to the streaming platform. The movie will skip Disney+ Premier Access, so the standard Disney+ subscription will include the new animated flick on Christmas Eve.

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