Harry Redknapp left completely speechless after savage Jeremy Clarkson question
9th August 2022

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host Jeremy Clarkson made an awkwardly received dig at Harry Redknapp on the ITV show.

On Tuesday (August 9), Jeremy welcomed Harry to the show who tried his best to rack up some money for charity.

However, on one of his first questions about hotel bars, instead of locking in his "final answer" Harry said "final question".

Harry answered: "Mini bar. Final question – final answer, I mean."

To which Jeremy quipped: "Could you have had the mini bar as you were waiting to come on?"

Harry then ignored the host's attempt at a joke and didn't even raise a grin at his remark, leaving things a little tense in the studio.

However, things went from bad to worse for the star who didn't manage to meet the £1,000 mark.

Though he kindly donated some of his own money to the cause after failing to win some.

Fans took to Twitter to discuss Harry's performance, with one writing: "Always nice to see Harry Redknapp fail to win any money on the £1000 question again in a repeat of #whowantstobeamillionaire #millionaire"

Another added: "I thought everyone knew who played rambo! Nice of Harry to donate out of his own pocket, bless him. #harryredknapp #whowantstobeamillionaire"

While a third penned: "Dearie me… Harry, donating his own money to the charity though, good stuff. #whowantstobeamillionaire"

"Harry Redknapp #whowantstobeamillionaire Left with nowt. Out at £300 question – he thought Rambo was played by Bruce Willis," shared a fourth.

A fifth laughed: "Who’s bright idea was it to put Harry Redknapp on Celebrity Millionaire? #whowantstobeamillionaire"

"#whowantstobeamillionaire wow never saw anyone go home with nothing before. Poor Harry but what a gent giving 5k to his charity," tweeted a sixth.

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