Guilty Chloe reveals her baby truth to Mack in shocking Emmerdale spoiler
27th September 2023

Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Manpreet Sharma and Ethan Anderson are both planning to take the day off to help reluctant Claudette Anderson with funeral planning.

Claudette’s estranged husband Victor Anderson was released from prison after serving a 25-year term, but his release didn’t last long when he was shockingly found dead in church.

Victor died from a cerebal aneuryism after being falsely accused of stealing a necklace. He was, in fact, being framed by his son Charles Anderson, who is still absent from the village.

Claudette has been hesitant to plan the funeral but Manpreet and her are set to share a genuine moment of connection as they agree to push through with the plans together on Wednesday night’s episode, 27 September.

Manpreet is also set to successfully lure Charles back in, as she leaves him a desperate voicemail in which she admits that she’s been struggling with the weight of their shared secret.

Elsewhere, Chloe Harris is finally ready to stop the lies and tell Mack Boyd the truth about her pregnancy.

On Tuesday’s episode, Chloe believed that she had fallen pregnant with Mack’s child after not feeling well, and quickly decided to share the good news.

She told Mack who was at first speechless, but quickly becomes totally elated and, in a rush, proposes to Chloe there and then.

Chloe is over the moon when her beau proposes – despite the fact that his family and friends are openly concerned that it might be too much too soon.

Mack brushes off Moira’s warnings about the impulsive proposal, and admits to Nate that he’s desperate for another kid. It all seems like perfect timing, but things start to go wrong later when Chloe begins to suspect that she might not be pregnant.

Last night, Chloe’s mistake was confirmed when she unexpectedly got her period and discovered she couldn’t be pregnant after all.

However, desperate to conceal the truth, Chloe and her sister came up with a wild plan to get pregnant in time to fool Mack.

The pair already have a little boy, who Chloe welcomed on 20 April 2023, named Reuben.

However, his conception wasn’t exactly without its’ scandal, either, as he was a result of an affair between Chloe and Mack, while Mack was still in a relationship with Charity Dingle.

But on tonight’s episode, it looks like a guilty Chloe is gearing up to come clean and hope for the best.

Wednesday’s Emmerdale episode will see Chloe admit the truth to Mack – but fans will have to wait and see how he’ll react to the revelation.

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