Grace Lane vets: Where is Peter Wright’s new practice? Inside the clinic
7th September 2021

The Yorkshire Vet attends to a horse with Amanda

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The Yorkshire Vet has returned with another series on Channel 5 and fans were delighted to see Peter Wright and Julian Norton return. 

Both esteemed vets have moved on to pastures new and have taken up different roles at other practices in the Dales. 

Fans are keen to find out more about Grace Lane vets and where it is located, as this is where Peter moved to from Skeldale Veterinary Centre. 

After 40 years, he decided to accept a new job at Grace Lane, which is in Kirkbymoorside –  a small market town in the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire. 

Speaking to previously, he said: “Skeldale Veterinary Centre has been my life for almost 40 years now and the last 20 of that was as a senior partner pretty much, I was running the practice.

“The sad thing was is that Skeldale got to the point where it wasn’t economical to continue doing farm work. So it was either a case of continuing to do it but not being entirely happy as I do like being a mixed practitioner.

“Meaning, dealing with all species, literally all creatures great and small, but it would have been difficult for me, even though I enjoy the dog and cat side, it would have been difficult to do that purely and simply.”

His new independent practice is located in Weighbridge Close and they assist animals of all shapes and sizes. 


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