Goonies star unrecognisable in new show as co-star talks major transformation
19th August 2022

Raising Hope star Garrett Dillahunt has revealed that co-star and Goonies actor Martha Plimpton underwent an incredible transformation in just three days for her role in new TV series Sprung.

Comedy series Sprung, which launches on Amazon Freevee today (August 19), follows Garrett's character Jack as he is released from prison unexpectedly due to the pandemic.

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However, with no home to go to, he begins living with a group of former inmates who decide to use their criminal expertise for good.

Written by My Name is Earl's Greg Garcia, the series also stars Martha Plimpton, who played Andy's friend Stef in the hit eighties film The Goonies, as former inmate Barb.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, actor and producer Garett revealed that Martha almost did not appear in the show due to another commitment – but revealed his relief when she arrived with just three days to go before filming.

Having worked with Martha on Raising Hope, Garett also added that he was delighted she took on the role, saying: "Martha was on Raising Hope with me. She played my wife Virginia, and I played her husband Bert. It was just kind of a no brainer in a way.

"We had trouble getting her as she was committed to another show for a while, but we finally did. She showed up with about three days. She was living in London actually."

Martha, who looks unrecognisable as Barb, underwent a huge transformation for the role and learnt her lines in a short space of time, with Garett paying tribute to the star's talent and passion for the character.

"She read the scripts on the plane, came in, did all fittings, hair dying and stuff.

"It was just such a relief to hear her saying those words. She's very gifted and a very intelligent actor. I love working with her."

Garrett also praised the cast, which includes Kate Walsh, Shakira Barrera, Phillip Garcia, James Earl, Clare Gillies, saying: "I do think it's a pretty great ensemble to put together."

Describing his character Jack as "a very likeable fellow" with "a lot of heart", Garrett added: "My favourite part was him dealing with all the choices that exist out in the world.

"All the things he wasn't used to in prison – cellphones, electric cars, multi-coloured garbage cans. All these things that we take for granted.

"It's an added level that I enjoy as the stories unfold."

The Hollywood star, whose stellar career includes Deadwood, E.R and upcoming release Where The Crawdads Sing, also took his first step into producing for the role, calling it a "very satisfying experience," where he got to celebrate the cast and crew "having triumphs together".

"Sprung was a highlight, that's for sure. It was my first foray into producing," said Garrett.

"Deadwood was an awful big part of forming my career and my sensibility. I think that really gave me a career."

He added: "I sometimes forget how fortunate I have been in the hustle."

The star also teased that there could potentially be another series of Sprung, saying: "We're sure hoping there is," and added that more huge projects are on the way from him in the future.

"I'm taking off to Morocco on Tuesday for another job, which I'm excited about.

"I appreciate y'all's patience waiting for the series to drop. I have some great movies coming down the line, and I'm excited to work in the UK sometime. I sure hope I can. I'm just really grateful to the fans there."

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