Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan shares his pride as show airs son Stanley's emotional film on loneliness
19th January 2021

GOOD Morning Britain's Piers Morgan shared his pride today as the show aired son Stanley's emotional short film on loneliness.

The 55-year-old star revealed that 23-year-old Stanley had directed the poignant scenes, which features acclaimed poet and mental health campaigner Hussain Manawer.

Co-host Susanna Reid introduced the film, revealing that it was created as part of ITV's campaign to combat loneliness, One Million Minutes.

She added: "The amazing Hussain Manawer has done a special poem for our campaign and in light of yesterday's Blue Monday."

A brief clip of the film then played, showing three male characters being consoled by their younger selves – who are encouraging them to speak out and get advice.

They tell viewers to "know their triggers" in the battle to fight loneliness.

Piers called the scenes "powerful stuff", with Susanna telling viewers: "This is an incredible piece of film and I do just want to say to all people; this will pass.

"Things are going to get betters, there's a line in that film: 'just hold on', and that's what we've got to do.

"Just hold on, there's light at the end of the tunnel… I promise it will get better."

Piers added: "It's a short film from One Five Productions and I've got a slight vested interested because my middle son directed it, Stanley."

Visibly chuffed, he continued: "Good job to you and Gilbert, with your little production company, doing that with Hussain.

"I only found out actually… Well I didn't know you finished it then it suddenly popped up yesterday all over the internet!

"So well done to them, making a real difference – good luck to all of you."

'Lonely' shows the three adults separately open up about their mental health through one singular poem, with child actors portraying their younger selves.

Hussain previously told Metro of the project: "At times people may think that they are the only person experiencing an issue, when really there are hundreds, even thousands of people experiencing exactly the same thing.

"But we get so caught up in our lives, that we forget to check up on each other. Over 75% of suicides are carried out by men, therefore addressing the topic from a male perspective will hopefully open up important conversations.

"Speaking about feelings of loneliness, the film focusses on starting the conversation on mental health issues with family, friends or trusted people."

Stanley is Piers' middle son, with the presenter also sharing 27-year-old Spencer and 20-year-old Bertie with ex-wife Marion Shalloe.

He and wife Celia Waldren are parents to nine-year-old Elise.

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