Gogglebox star Ellie Warner shares baby’s gender in cute on-air moment
4th March 2023

Gogglebox: Ellie Warner reveals she’s having a baby boy

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Gogglebox sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner have been in the Channel 4 reality series since 2015 and quickly became fan favourites. The sisters from Leeds have provided hours of hilarious moments as they react to the latest television dramas and documentaries along with the rest of the much-loved cast. Izzie Warner is a mother-of-two already and now her co-star and sister will soon be a mum herself after announcing her pregnancy last year.

Gogglebox fans will remember the heartwarming moment in December 2022 when Ellie revealed she was pregnant on the show.

It seemed like just another episode with Ellie and Izzi sitting side by side, ready to watch whatever popped up on TV, when the former presented an ultrasound picture.

Ellie showed the photograph to Izzi and joked at how it looked like a “jellied alien”.

She then shared Izzi’s reaction when she first showed her the picture which didn’t quite live up to her expectations.

Ellie said: “When I showed mum the picture, she said ‘Oh can I take a picture?’ and you didn’t even look at it for two minutes.”

Izzi replied: “I did! I told you where the things were, I’ll stare at it a bit longer just to make you happy.”

A few months later and now it is known Ellie and her partner Nat are expecting a boy.

Gogglebox fans were given the update with an adorable scene with the sisters, as well as Ellie’s niece and nephew.

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When the camera zooms in on the outside of their home, Izzi is first heard asking her daughter: “Bessie, what’s in Ellie’s tummy?”, to which she simply replies “Baby”.

She then asks: “What baby?”, and Bessie reveals: “A boy.”

Ellie tells Bessie and her nephew Bobby that her unborn child would be able to hear them if they wanted to talk to their cousin.

Izzi asked if he would like to say hello but the camera-shy little boy stepped out of view as he said “no not yet”.

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But he did say he was happy to get a boy cousin rather than a girl.

This will be Ellie’s first child, whereas her sister Izzi already has two . Repeated above

Izzi’s eldest Bobby is now five years old with the Gogglebox star welcoming her daughter Bessie Rose in February 2020.

It wasn’t the easiest time for Ellie last year though, as her boyfriend was in a horrific accident.

Nat was hit by a car in a terrible accident in March last year.

He suffered life-threatening injuries, including a broken neck and back and two collapsed lungs.

Nat is still recovering but was able to enjoy a trip to Paris earlier this year so is well on the mend.

Gogglebox is available to watch on Channel 4 and All4.

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