GMB’s Richard Madeley insists he once saw a ghost that made him feel ‘strange’
25th October 2021

Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley told a stunned Ranvir Singh and guests Dick and Dom that he once saw a ghost in his house.

Richard, 65, was talking to Dick and Dom about their new TV show, Celebrity Ghost Trip, but had been excited all morning about telling his ghoulish tale.

He said that everyone working on the show had a spooky story but he couldn't wait to share his spooky encounter.

As a bemused Ranvir looked on, Richard explained: "Let me tell you my recent one! When I was sitting in the garden in the summer, I was having little doze after doing the morning show.

"I woke up, everything's fine, looking at the newspaper and I just had an instinct to look up at the window that overlooks our garden from our house," he explained to a curious Dick and Dom.

"In the window on the top floor of the house was a white face looking down at me. Not moving, but just staring at me," he insisted.

"I thought 'oh my god, we've got an intruder, someone's someone's broken into the house' so I went in to check that Judy was on the ground floor, and she was," he added.

Richard continued: "I went upstairs… and there was nobody there, but I definitely saw a face looking at me from the window!

He elaborated: "It was very pale and unmoving and it made me feel a bit strange. Did I see a ghost?"

Dick replied: "Well this is it, if you've experienced it then you do believe it."

Richard asked Ranvir what her ghost experience was.

She recoiled awkwardly: "Oh gosh, I can't, it's about my dad but it might be a bit too much for half term!"

Richard encouraged her to continue: "It was after my dad died, my mum said she definitely saw him at the window, knocking on the window."

She tried to change the subject., joking to Dick and Dom: "The stuff that you do on your show is funnier and less serious isn't it?" as Richard added: "It just sparked a conversation this morning about ghosts!"

It certainly got viewers talking too, about whether or not ghosts are real.

One fan joked: "You just knew Richard would have a ghost story!"

"I've seen a ghost, yes really! I wouldn't believe it if it hadn't happened to me" another fan tweeted in support

"Ghosts don't exist, GMB!", argued one viewer.

Dick and Dom went on to say that neither of them believe, after studying magic.

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