GMB’s Laura Tobin slammed for flying to Arctic to highlight ‘devastating’ climate change
13th September 2021

Laura Tobin reports on climate change live from Svalbard

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Monday’s Good Morning Britain show saw Laura Tobin reporting live from the high arctic area in one of the northernmost points in the world. With melting glaciers and fewer polar bears in the region, temperatures there have increased by 7.7 degrees since 1970. But some ITV viewers slammed GMB’s decision to send a reporter to the area, claiming the flight there will have added to emissions.

As Laura stood presenting the figures, given exclusively to Good Morning Britain, many took to social media to question why there was a need for the meteorologist to travel to the area.

On Twitter, one viewer commented: “Go on about climate change and how we need to change our ways…Then fly to the Arctic…”

Another wrote: “1) How did you get to the country? Fly? 2) You said it look 1 1/2 hours to get to where you are now? How? Hope it was an electric vehicle and not a diesel truck or similar!”

“@richardm56 can you ask Laura about her flight there and back?” a third penned.

More to follow..

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