GMB’s Kate Garraway suffers a painful eye infection and tries to hide it on show
15th October 2021

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Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway was presenting the breakfast show in discomfort as she announced she was suffering from a painful eye infection.

The star hosted the Friday morning show and donned a pair of glasses as she tried to disguise any changes to her eye area.

Kate said: "I've got a very sore eye – bits of me are falling apart."

She continued: "It's really sore and I've had quite a few long days recently."

Co-host Ben teased her and said he likes her in glasses as it makes her look a little bit different, with Kate recalling a previous comment where he told her she looks more "intelligent" in glasses.

The former home secretary Jacqui Smith also starred on the show and quipped that poor Kate was a "sight for sore eyes".

Kate continued the show like a trooper not letting her eye affect her reporting, as the show moved on to topics like panic buying.

It comes just after the show was left in turmoil as Noel Phillips was left with muffled sound – resulting in host Charlotte Hawkins having to cut the segment.

A reporter was out on-site as he geared up to comment on the news of Britney Spears' aunt coming to light to defend her niece against her brother – Britney's dad – Jamie Spears.

As he prepared to give his hot take on the situation the technical difficulties began, as when he spoke, no sound came out.

Viewers of the Friday show could simply just hear muffled sounds and nothing from the journalist at all.

This led presenter of the day Charlotte Hawkins to swiftly move the segment on, and turned to Richard Arnold to reveal his latest showbiz encounter with Tom Hardy.

Charlotte said: "Thanks very much we will try to return to that a little later on."

Fans took to Twitter to air their thoughts on Britney's situation and to speculate why she is finally speaking out.

One fan said: "#GMB I've been wondering how long it would be before we all heard from Britney Spears Aunt."

Whereas another wrote: "#GMB Britney Spears Aunt speaks out. Who gives a f***!"

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