GMB’s Kate Garraway left red-faced as her alarm continues to ring live on-air
12th November 2021

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Kate Garraway was left red-faced on Good Morning Britain as co-host Ben Shephard poked fun at her for her phone going off live on air.

The mum-of-two had been adamant that the phone wasn't hers until they realised it was – but it was an alarm going off, rather than someone trying to contact Kate.

After it happened twice, Ben and the GMB producers started pranking Kate by playing the classic iPhone alarm sound into the studio, leaving her looking a little frantic.

Ben, 46, told viewers: "Kate's alarm has gone off not once, but twice."

He went on: "We're going to have so much fun with this this morning."

But Kate, 54, was confused as she said: "Where did I think I was meant to be at 6.34 and 6.42 this morning?"

Ben explained that he'd told Kate her alarm was going off, but she shrugged it off, sure that it wasn't her phone.

It wasn't long before Kate came up with a theory about the awkward phone mishaps going on, though.

She said: "I'm slightly worried that Darcey has a similar phone case and it was her alarm for school, and now she's overslept."

Kate is mother to Darcey, 15, and William – or Billy – who is 11, with her husband Derek Draper.

At the time of the alarm mishaps, Kate and Ben had been talking to guests Jacqui Smith, Iain Dale and Dr Amir Khan about the COP26 summit.

Ben immediately pointed it out as Kate's phone, but she said: "It can't be! It's not my phone, is it?"

Kate soon realised where the sound was coming from and said: "That's really awkward."

Iain then dropped a cheeky comment as he joked: "She sits on it because of the vibrations."

Kate went on: "There's somewhere I need to be at 6.34. Where is it?"

Minutes later it happened again though, and a mortified Kate said: "I'm really sorry, what the hell is going on? Let's get it out of the studio. I think the kids put them on. I'm so embarrassed."

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