GMB viewers fume over ’embarrassing’ Oakeshott interview
3rd March 2023

GMB: Isabel Oakeshott defends leaking of Hancock messages

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Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard grilled the journalist about whether she was paid by the Telegraph for sharing the private messages from Matt Hancock. The interview left Good Morning Britain viewers divided, and while many supported Isabel for “outing” the former Health Secretary, many questioned why the ITV show was giving her any “air time”.

Isabel began by telling Ben: “Well, I don’t want this to be about me or actually Matt Hancock.

“It’s about something much bigger than that. It’s about events that affected every single one of us in this country.

“And for which I think almost everybody wants answers.

“We want to know what went wrong, what went right, where mistakes were made, how policies were decided, were they really based on the science and could we have done things differently?

“And of course, it would be nice if all of that could be examined properly in the public inquiry, and I’m sure it will be examined properly.”

The conversation quickly moved as Ben quizzed Isabel on “ignoring the NDA” and why she leaked the WhatsApp messages.

“I mean, the word that is being bandied around on both sides is betrayal, isn’t it?” Kate chipped in.

“Either betrayal of we, the public, by people that we were trusting at the time to make decisions and the tone in which they were discussing things that have impacted all of us so much.

“When we look at your WhatsApp messages or your portrayal of Matt Hancock, how do you sit with your position?

“Did you call him before you released them? Did you explain it? Did you go back to the publishers and say I now feel conflicted?”

Isabel hit back: “Is it more important for me as a journalist to protect the blushes and the reputation of self-interested politicians, all of whom are, by the way, hiring lawyers to protect their interests during this public inquiry?

“Or is it more important for me to reveal information that affected every single one of us?”

“That is where I think my duty is in this case,” she admitted.

Viewers took to social media in droves following the segment to share their frustrations.

@Ems03700691 posted: “@GMB embarrassed for you for giving that ratty backstabbing c*** airtime. Then again, that’s your level.

“Why on earth does she get so much airtime? Are people only interested in those who court controversy,” @DoreJayne asked.

While James simply pleaded: “Stop giving her airtime.”

“All you see is pound signs. You don’t care about the public! That GMB interview was embarrassing. Scumbag,” Danny Simms fumed.

As Twitter user @Mulla8key commented: “Clearly desperate for 15 mins of fame! Labour supporter! I spent 2 weeks in isolation in Canada to visit family I CHOSE TO like those coming from high-risk countries to her. Do you want to hand over your phone and let us see your messages?” (sic)

Simon Leo James went on to say: “How do grotesque people like her get to such prominence? Why is this revolting snake given any airtime.”

While @MarkAshleyD went on to praise: “Isabel Oakeshott is a savage legend. I salute her!”

Lynz added: “I agree with @IsabelOakeshott! Kate shut up and allow her to speak, please. The public does have the right to know about this. I may not agree with everything she says but on this, she’s spot on! #GMB.” (sic)

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