GMB fans fume as controversial guest sparks fury with vaccine remarks during row
17th November 2021

Good Morning Britain viewers were left in uproar after Susanna Reid and Ed Balls welcomed a controversial guest on the show to share his views on the Covid-19 vaccine.

During Wednesday’s instalment of the hit ITV morning show, the presenters introduced entrepreneur Tru Powell onto the show via a video link from his home in Birmingham.

The trio discussed a whole range of topics while he was on the show, but one thing the businessman stood firmly on was his views over Germany’s decision to put residents in lockdown should they refuse the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the debate started, Susanna welcomed Professor John Ashton onto the show who voiced his opposing opinion in which he professed “everyone needs to play their part” when it comes to fighting the global pandemic.

Yet Tru insisted his opinion that forcing unvaccinated residents to stay at home is an “encroachment on civil and human rights.”

He opened with: “This is really exhausting, and I think it is a disgrace that Germany are doing this.

“We should not be dictating to people that they need to have the vaccine otherwise they’re going to be locked down in their homes.”

He continued: “I think it’s an encroachment on civil and human rights. I think everybody has the right to decide what goes into their bodies.

“It’s really exhausting that we are back her again discussing Covid. We know that it’s here and we know that it’s a huge problem, but people are being discriminated against, people are losing their jobs.”

Despite his argument that the public need be allowed to choose whether or not to get the vaccine without negative consequences, Professor Ashton warned another national lockdown could be on the horizon.

He said: “We all need to play our part and at the moment, it’s as though the thing is over. We need to get back to wearing masks and social distancing.

“It’s not about civil rights, it’s about winning the battle against this virus.”

And it’s fair to say the segment certainly struck a chord with the viewers at home as fans fled to Twitter to share their thoughts on the topical debate online.

One viewer argued: “If you don’t want the jab fine, it doesn’t mean you can carry on as normal spreading it.

“This fool whimpering that poor people being locked down. The people not having it claiming human and civil rights are being stopped what about mine? This fool is selfish and a fool to himself.”

Another fan of the show fumed: “Tru Powell on ‘GMB conflating discrimination with enforcing people into lockdown if they are posing as a risk to millions by not being vaccinated. And this man gets a platform!?! Honestly, this is deeply unintelligent.”

Whereas others argued Professor Ashton’s viewers were more frustrating to witness as the guest fought for viewers to return to covid restrictions last year.

“This guy is very very dangerous!!! Professor John Ashton – blaming school kids, wants more lockdowns, take him off air!!!!!” one user penned.

Another chimed in with: “We all need to do our part. We're effectively at war. If you’re not vaccinated then introducing a targeted lockdown to protect the NHS & society.”

A third disagreed, stating: “It’s discrimination to lockdown anyone who due to a medical condition cannot have the vaccination.”

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