Glenn Close Takes On ‘Intriguing & Challenging’ Role In ‘The Wife’: ‘I’m Here For A Lot Of Women’
4th December 2018

Glenn Close represents so many women in her award-buzzing film ‘The Wife.’ The legendary actress spoke to HollywoodLife at the Gotham Awards about her latest role.

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, Glenn Close takes on a modern role in The Wife that was actually created 14 years ago in a novel by Meg Wolitzer. “This story, the book and the script, were written over 14 years ago, and the fact that it came out when it did is just incredible. So I’m here for a lot of women!” the iconic actress said of the film at the Gotham Awards in NYC during an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. Glenn’s award-winning roles include Fatal Attraction and Albert Nobbs, and her latest portrayal of a woman whose husband takes credit for her work, could certainly nab her another Academy Award.

When it comes to representing so many silenced women, Glenn revealed to HL that she thinks of her roles very “specifically” when she goes into them. “First of all, you think, ‘Is this a story that will feed my soul?’ Is it territory that I haven’t explored before? The emotional and psychological territory?” she said. “And I just have to trust that if I find something intriguing and challenging about the role, that there will be people who will want to see it.” The Wife was met with incredible reviews, with the New York Times saying, “Ms. Close sublimely captures her character’s blend of determination and self-effacement.”

In her recent roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, Glenn explored her character further, saying, “I had never been asked to play a character like that. But also, I had a lot of questions. I knew I’d have to answer those questions in order to play her, and the big one was, why didn’t she leave him?” She continued, “It was so much more complex than that, and I had to figure that out in order play her without any kind of judgment.” You can see Glenn Close in The Wife, now in theaters.

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