Ghosts' Asher Grodman Previews the Introduction of Trevor's Parents, Hints at More Fallout From Hetty Hookup
8th February 2023

When Ghosts‘ Trevor lost his pants and died, he also lost his family, whom he was forced to leave behind in the living world. But in this Thursday’s episode (airing at 8:30/7:30c on CBS), Jay and Sam’s new B&B activity will unearth the remains of No Pants’ body and bring his parents (played by Laraine Newman and Chip Zein) to the Woodstone grounds.

Mom and dad’s visit gives “Trevor a little bit of an insight into the world he left behind and how his world progressed since his death,” his portrayer Asher Grodman tells TVLine. “Trevor, I guess it’s not surprising, will try to get involved and see if he can change a few things.”

And Trevor’s parental units aren’t the only ones coming to Woodstone B&B this week. “We’re going to have an exciting appearance by Tara Reid, and no one is happier than Trevor at that name,” Grodman previews.

Below, the actor talks about Trevor’s family dynamic, the finance bro’s special night with Tara Reid and that recent shocking hookup between Trevor and Hetty.

TVLINE | How does Trevor feel about seeing his parents after all this time?
He’s thrilled. Trevor is the only ghost who has spent more time alive than he has dead. So Trevor’s always trying to live by the rules in which he lived or connect with the world in which he lived, and this is kind of one of those moments where he gets to have contact again with the life that he left behind, and show [his] love for his parents. I hope that comes across in the episode. He’s thrilled just to be in contact with what it felt like to be alive and the people that he knew in his life and who left a mark on him.

TVLINE | Any time the show does an episode that delves into one of the ghosts’ pasts before they died or the circumstances of their death, it’s always very illuminating for the character. What does this episode bring up for Trevor? What kind of issues does it force him to face?
Well, first of all, I think you’re really right. There’s something that is unique to our show, and something that I’m always very excited when we lean into. Obviously, this is a brilliant BBC concept, which ties us to this plot of land, so we can’t go anywhere else. So we’re very limited. But it does give us, like, 1,000 years of history on this plot of land because that’s how long we’ve been here. I love these episodes that are basically prequels to where we are today, where you get to go back in time, whether it is actually going back in time or just kind of seeing their past as it exists in the present. I agree with you, it illuminates a lot.

Trevor’s going to be coming up against what is the world he left behind and what is the role that he played, and the way he left things… or maybe the way things progressed after he died. You get a little bit of a sense of the family dynamic, and he’s going to kind of pick up his relationship with his parents. We haven’t seen that with any of the ghosts, and we’ll give some insight into his brother, who’s a very fun character idea.

TVLINE | What was it like working with Tara in this episode? What did she think of Trevor’s crush on her within the world of the show?
I grew up on Tara Reid’s movies, and so there’s an element of it like, “Oh, we were just cracking jokes and messing around,” and it’s like, “Oh, now, she’s actually here!” [Laughs] To see Tara kind of buy into, “Yeah, it sounds like they had a really fun night together for her birthday and like she knew him,” and to see what she was thinking about the backstory was also a lot of fun. It’s just crazy. It’s [a] testament to this BBC concept that we get to play out and this cast I get to work with that we made a show that has gone this far that someone like Tara wants to come and hang out with us.

TVLINE | Do you think that Trevor actually hooked up with Tara? Or is it just wishful thinking that he wanted to, that she was his dream girl?
The thing about Trevor is that I see every single story that Trevor tells as completely real. There are obvious situations in the dialogue where he could have embellished further. Like, the story is fun, but it’s so close to being so much crazier, and it’s so specific that I’m like, “No, every single one of these is true.” In the “Trevor’s Pants” episode,” the fact that the only thing he lies about is like the good stuff… [Laughs] He brags because he’s proud of what he’s done. So for me, they had a night together. I don’t know if they slept together or if they just did something on the way to that, but I think they had a night where he was definitely in her eye for an evening for her birthday. That’s one of the fun things about Trevor is that it’s not, “Oh, my God, I want everyone to think I’m so cool,” or like, “Please, please like me!” It’s more like, “This thing I did was so cool! Why does no one understand how cool it was?!” So I buy all of Trevor’s stories, and I think something happened that night.

TVLINE | Well, speaking of hookups, we’ve got to talk about Hetty and Trevor because that was so unexpected. What was your reaction when you first learned about that? Did you just find out when you read the script?
I did find out when we read the script. However… our showrunners invited us in to meet the writers’ room [before Season 1], and they opened the floor for pitches, if we had any ideas. We’d only shot the pilot at this point, but both Rebecca [Wisocky] and I, unaware of the other one, pitched that there should be a Trevor/Hetty, I don’t want to say romantic entanglement but like some kind of entanglement. Neither of us were like, “Oh, these two would be in love.” But the fact that they are so at odds with each other, and yet in some ways very similar, I think laid the groundwork for a combustibility that would be a lot of fun in a potentially transactional sexual way. So I think both Rebecca and I kind of had our eye on this thing for a while, and I know we pitched it a bunch of times and wanted to see it happen.

That was kind of buoyed in Season 1 [by] so many moments where Hetty insults Trevor. In Episode 4, she disinvites him from the party, and it like breaks his heart. She tried to send him to Hell. There’s a lot of stuff where she is kind of like smacking Trevor around, and she calls him new money, which of course he hates, and he leads an economic uprising against her. They’re constantly at each other’s throats, but at the same time, they also see the world in a similar way, which is, “If I can manipulate a situation and take advantage of some people and get some power and respect, I’m going to do it.” For Hetty, it’s more about the power. For Trevor, it’s more about the respect that comes with that power. But they’re very similar in that way, and then in other ways, they’re total opposites. Like, if Hetty hates the Irish, imagine what she thinks about the Jews! And he’s so sexually liberated, and she is certainly changing on that topic, but is a woman of her time. So there’s fun ways in which they butt heads, but also, if she wanted to manipulate some people, Trevor would be a good person to strategize with.

TVLINE | Is it still a lingering thing in the back half of the season? Or is that past them, that moment?
You’re going to see a little more of that play out, for sure. They’re going to go on a little journey here, which is a lot of fun. It’s always fun to play with Rebecca, and it’s just fun because there’s a lot in that dynamic [between] these two characters. I find it more interesting because they’re not in love with each other. There’s a very transactional nature to this relationship. So it can lead to a lot of fun places.

TVLINE | I know you said that with Hetty and Trevor, it’s not about love, but we are seeing a lot of the ghosts in the house pair off. Or like with Sas, we saw an outside love interest come in. So is there any chance of real romance for Trevor?
I don’t know. You got to keep watching to find out! It’s very interesting how like the show went, [in] Season 1, from [being] about this like family dynamic and mismatched family in this house and now having spent, I guess, a year at this point with a couple, now everyone is horny. [Laughs] We’ve been watching Sam and Jay, I don’t know, be all over each other for a year. I find there’s something fun in the fact that like in the ghosts’ severe limitations, there is something very childlike. The idea that, like, they’re all just in love with each other now because that’s what they’re seeing, and that’s all they can think about. If you brought a dog into the house, would we all suddenly be acting like dogs? [Laughs] Because we have nothing to see or do, so like anything that’s a change in the environment, what are the ripple effects of that? I think that’s very funny.

TVLINE | They’re also watching more TV, especially reality TV like It’s Getting Hot in Here. That show’s probably getting them horny.
Yeah, absolutely! Good point.

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