‘Get your heads out of clouds’ LBC caller slams Labour’s £15 minimum wage plan ‘Lunacy!’
30th September 2021

Labour's £15 minimum wage labelled 'lunacy' by caller

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A caller on the LBC show has slammed Labour’s £15 minimum wage plan, calling Labour ministers to “get their heads out of clouds” and focus on more pragmatic policies.  Labour members officially backed a motion to increase the minimum wage to £15-an-hour across the country during the Party’s annual conference this week. The debate over raising the minimum wage resulted in frictions within Labout itself, with leader Sir Keir Starmer backing down to demand a £10-an-hour hike before the vote.

Speaking to LBC host Nick Ferrari, the caller said: “I think that it’s absolute lunacy.

“I’ve been working with a large tech firm for 12 years – started off at the bottom.

“Taking calls, taking requests, whatever, and worked my way up through a few different roles to get to where I am now 

“I’m a data analyst on 29,000 a year.”

He went on: “So, apparently, I would instantly become a minimum wage worker, as would a whole bunch of other people who actually in real-world society are considered pretty welloff today.

“I‘m considered pretty welloff. A nice house, able to look after my daughter with no problem 

My wife’s got a very similarly paid job work for the NHS. We’re fine.

We’re doing really well, and they think the minimum wage should be more than what we’re getting.

The caller continued: “I don’t understand what’s in their heads.

Mr Ferrari asked: “What would you say to these people?”

The caller answered: “Get your heads out of the clouds!


“Get in touch with the people because if you think 15-pound minimum wage is realistic, you’ve lost touch.”

Keir Starmer stuck to plans to raise the minimum wage to at least £10-per-hour, with an amount to be decided only before the next election.

He told ITV News: “We were very clear on Saturday a £10 minimum wage, which is a 12 percent increase and means £2,000 in real money for those that would benefit under that.

“That is significant, that is our policy and it is alongside a wider package of measures to protect people at work – including day 1 rights and including statutory sick pay.”
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