‘Get over it!’ BBC viewers rage over ongoing Olympics coverage ‘Waste of time’
12th August 2021

Tokyo 2020: Naga Munchetty speaks to Olympian Matt Hall

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BBC Breakfast was hosted by Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt for the first time since the Olympics in Tokyo came to an end. However, viewers were unhappy and annoyed with the ongoing coverage of the games a week after they had ended. Viewers branded the show “boring” and “uncomfortable” as Naga interviewed Olympic medallist Matt Walls on his success in the games. 

Naga began: “Shiny medals and all, gold and a silver we’ve got Matt Walls of course who won team GB’s first track cycling gold. 

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

“Yeah I’m pretty good,” Matt replied. 

Naga asked whether he had watched his races back but he admitted he had just seen “clips of it”.

Speaking on the events that Matt raced in, Naga explained: “I remember hearing it but I have no idea what I was watching there.

“It’s so complicated, take us through these four races in the omnium,” she asked. 

Matt went onto explain how the four races took place, what each of them consisted of and how each competitor was scored. 

Turning her attention to the GCSE results which were released on Thursday, she probed: “Did you do well in GCSE maths?” 

“Urm, I got an A,” Matt said, looking slightly confused by the line of questioning.

“The reason I ask this is because how do you know how many points you’re at when you’re on that final race?” Naga explained.

“Because you’ve got to play it very strategically because the reason that was so exciting is because it literally came down to the last two laps and we were just like maybe bronze, maybe not and then all the calculations were going on and no one could figure it out.

“You obviously knew exactly where you were at?”

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“There’s a scoreboard that’s above the track, when you’re riding around you can just see and look at that” Matt replied laughing. 

“You’ve still got to try and add up and where to come in a sprint to get the most points and if people can overtake you or not.”

The four races took place over the space of three and a half hours with Matt explaining: “I didn’t go in with the expectation of winning but it was obviously the goal. 

“I knew that I could recover pretty well, I’ve done a lot of races on the road as well so.” 

Viewers of the programme quickly took to Twitter to express their annoyance at the “excessive” amount of Olympic coverage. 

One user said: “The Olympics is over, get over it! #BBCBreakfast,” with a second user adding: “#bbcbreakfast BBC are still reminiscing about the Olympics that nobody watched.” 

“Will they drag out the Olympics until the next Olympics? #bbcbreakfast,” a third added. 

Many users were annoyed that presenter Naga “wasted time” wanting Matt to explain the rules of the sport to her. 

One user fumed: “Maybe ask the Olympic gold medallist some less patronising and more intelligent questions and stop wasting his time! #BBCBREAKFAST.”

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