Get a First Look at Oxygen’s Exhumed, Produced by True Crime Fans Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
15th January 2021

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa are "big fans" of the true crime genre — so much so that the famous couple is now producing a crime series for Oxygen. 

Exhumed, premiering with back to back episodes on Sunday, Jan. 17, examines past cases in which an exhumation of a body "was crucial in bringing justice," Consuelos tells PEOPLE. 

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at the first episode, the show looks into the case of Diana Kelly, a mother who was discovered missing when she didn't show up for a meeting with her estranged husband. When another death is linked to Diana's years later, investigators hope exhuming her body will help solve the crimes. 

Consuelos says he and Ripa were "really excited" when they were approached with the opportunity to work with Oxygen, having already been "big consumers" of true crime television. 

"We're such big fans of true crime series," says the Riverdale star, 49. "Kelly would definitely watch Snapped marathons on Sundays while cooking the family dinner."

"So when we got approached by Oxygen to maybe work on a show together or produce content for them, we were really, really excited," he adds, noting that the pair was "surprised" to find that there were no existing shows that specifically focused on exhumations. 

Consuelos shares that he and his TV personality wife, who wed in 1996, have watched true crime shows "as long as we've known each other."

"We tend to be homebodies, especially on the weekends," he says. "We'd just watch whatever channel, but mainly the true crime series on Oxygen and we'd have conversations about it." 

More recently, the pair's children — daughter Lola, 19, and sons Michael, 23, and Joaquin, 17 — have joined in on the viewing. 

"Especially now where we can't really go out and do anything, we tend to huddle up in one room in the house when we're all together and we watch things and that would be one of the main genres of shows that we've watched," Consuelos says. 

Exhumed premieres Sunday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

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