Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle's fiancée Emma McVey reveals heart procedure ahead of her wedding in July
21st April 2021

GEORDIE Shore star Gaz Beadle's fiancée Emma McVey has revealed that she is having a heart procedure ahead of her wedding in July.

The 28-year-old model took to social media to tell her fans that she was feeling confused about the procedure.

The reality star explained she would be having an angiogram, which is a diagnostic test that can help detect conditions like congenital heart disease.

During an Instagram Q & A, Emma one fan asked if she plans to have heart surgery.

The social influencer revealed: "I am. My next appointment is a dye into my arteries – just Googled. It's called an angiogram.

"Honestly my head is baffled at the moment with it all. Bit will update when I have a date etc."

An angiogram, also known as a cardiac catheterisation, is a special type of x-ray which uses contrast dye to allow your doctor to look at your coronary arteries – the blood vessels that supply your heart.

The dye lets your doctor see how well the blood is flowing and shows up any narrowing.

Meanwhile, her 33-year-old fiancé has revealed that the pair plan to tie the knot in July.

Gaz took to his Instagram Stories to update a followers about his wedding plans after a fan asked him how he was feeling about it.


AN angiogram is a test that helps doctors look at your coronary arteries.

Also known as cardiac catheterisation, it's a special type of X-ray, that is carried out with local anaesthetic.

It involves a thin tube being inserted into an artery either in your wrist or groin.

The tube, which is called a catheter, is then directed through your blood vessels to your heart.

A special dye is then passed through the tube and doctors can take a series of X-rays.

The dye works to show up any narrowed areas or blockages in the artery.

The test takes about an hour and is usually carried out as a day case.

Your doctor might recommend the test if you have symptoms of coronary heart disease, including new or worsening chest pain, pain in your jaw, chest, neck or arm, a heart defect you were born with (congenital heart disease), abnormal results from a heart stress test, blood vessel problems or a chest injury, or a heart valve problem that requires surgery.

For more information about heart conditions, visit the British Heart Foundation.

The Geordie star hinted at a summer wedding, writing: "Yer July is looking ok for restrictions etc."

The Newcastle lad – who shares a son with Emma – announced his engagement with the model in 2019.

The reality star revealed the news on his Instagram account with a picture of the couple and the ring he proposed with, writing: "SHE SAID YES 💍."

They started dating in August 2016 and just a few months into their relationship, Gaz even revealed he was interested in marrying Emma.

However, in late May 2017 they split up in dramatic circumstances, with Emma branding Gaz a "liar" and a "cheat" in a furious post claiming he had dumped her by text.

However, the pair got back together in June 2017, with The Sun Online revealing that the couple had rekindled their romance after winning her over.

The reality TV star is a proud father-of-two as he shares son Chester and daughter Primrose with fiancé Emma.

The couple appear happier than ever as they prepare to tie the knot later this year.

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