‘General Hospital’ Fans Optimistic That The New Year Will Bring ‘Julexis’ Reunion
31st December 2018

General Hospital has already rolled in the new year last week, and things are beginning to heat up for 2019. Many fans have their sights set on a “JaSam” reunion, but there is another couple that may end up getting back together as well. “Julexis” fans have been waiting with bated breath for their favorite couple to be back in each other’s arms once again, and it looks like they may just get their wish.

Soap Central teases that Kim will be getting some encouragement from Drew to spend some alone time with Julian. He may just be doing that because he feels a little awkward about their kiss on New Year’s Eve. Julian has been giving Kim her space because of the situation with Oscar, and as much as Drew isn’t a fan of Julian’s, he realizes that Kim needs him.

Unfortunately, Julian is about to give her more than enough space. General Hospital spoilers indicates that he will break it off with Kim Nero. This will be totally unexpected on her part. She has no idea that he saw her and Drew kissing that night, so she is caught off guard.

In the recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, co-head writer Shelly Altman says that Julian feels like Kim needs Drew in her life more than him, so he calls it quits with her. He gives her some kind of excuse, which hurts her even more.

Julian Jerome will be a free man, and once Alexis hears about this breakup, it is expected to terrify her. She came to accept Kim and Julian’s relationship, despite still having strong feelings for her ex. It may be that she doesn’t trust herself around him when he is single. Kim was like a security blanket around Julian and now that will be gone.

Will “Julexis” fans get the reunion that they have been waiting for? Well, there is one very small hint that it could be coming soon. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) posted a photo of the latest cover of Soap Opera Digest on her Facebook page. The front cover the magazine asks if there will be a Julian and Alexis reunion.

Grahn simply wrote in her caption, “It’s happening in 2019!”

She also quoted something from Mary Poppins on her Twitter saying, “Everything is possible, even the impossible.”

Many fans are convinced that she is giving hints on what is to come in 2019. It will be revealed soon enough if Alexis wants to take another chance on Julian Jerome. There are other General Hospital viewers who are not big on this couple’s reunion because he did, after all, put a knife to her throat, and that is not okay with some people. Stay tuned to see Alexis’ reaction when she hears the news that Julian is free.

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