Furious Married At First Sight fans slam show for dramatic cliffhangers as they brand commitment ceremony 'anticlimax'
16th September 2021

FURIOUS Married At First Sight fans have slammed the show for its dramatic cliffhangers as they branded the commitment ceremony an "anticlimax".

Viewers were less than impressed at having to wait until after EVERY ad-break to find out if the couples would stay together or leave.

Fans took to Twitter to express their annoyance at all the breaks in the action during last night's show on E4.

They happened with rocky couples including with Amy Christophers and Josh Christie,  Alexis Economou and Ant Poole, Marilyse Corrigan and Franky Spencer, Megan Wolfe and Bob Voysey. 

One wrote: "Marilyse you have a whole ad break to escape!!!! Ruuuuuun!!!"

A second screamed: "Oh bore off with your 10,000 ad breaks #MAFSUK."

A third chimed in: "How many [email protected]#E4 do you need in 1 programme?!"

After all the couples chose to stay together despite the dramatic pauses it's little wonder many fans thought the second commitment ceremony was an anti-climax.

One Tweeted: "Another gripping commitment ceremony."

Another posted a GIF from Oscar winning horror movie Get Out and said: "Posted after the first commitment ceremony….and nothing has changed with the second."

Meanwhile fans were left open-mouthed last night as they watched Megan and Alexis come to blows in a teaser for tonight's show.

The dramatic preview also showed Morag drop a bombshell confession that left her fellow brides stunned.

In the upcoming episode of the show, the boys and girls will be separated for trips away in a bid to eliminate "negative energy", but the girls' outing is anything but peaceful.

The voiceover teases that Morag will reveal "an upsetting secret", with the blonde shown telling her co-stars: "I’m really sorry and I didn’t want to bring it up because I didn’t want to make you paranoid. However…"

While Morag's revelation isn't shown, Amy can be seen looking shocked by what she hears.

The outing only gets more fiery, with Megan and Alexis locking horns in yet another clash after the former snogged Alexis' husband behind her back.

Megan was stunned earlier this week when her love rival returned to the experiment with Ant, and they each have plenty to get off their chest.

In the teaser, furious Alexis shouts: "I did not give you no go ahead to go and kiss my husband," to which Megan screams back: "It was your idea!"

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