'Floribama Shore': Gus Smyrnios Breaks Silence About Running Away From Montana House
8th October 2021

No season of Floribama Shore is complete without a bit of drama. This season, the reality TV stars are helping Aimee Hall through a difficult time as she navigates her boyfriend’s addiction. At one point, Aimee considers leaving the Peach House — much like Gus Smyrnios when he ran away from the Montana House. As the season 5 episode “It Takes Toe To Tango” aired, Gus tweeted about the real reason he ran away from the Floribama Shore house that day. 

Aimee Hall’s boyfriend sparks drama among ‘Floribama Shore’ roommates 

During the Sept. 30 episode of Floribama Shore, Aimee got upset about not being about to reach her boyfriend, Dillon Johnson. She considered leaving the Peach House after hearing her roommates refer to a conversation as “The Aimee Show.” 

Confused, the roommates rallied around Aimee as she removed all of her belongings from the house. Ultimately, she didn’t leave the property. In “It Takes Toe To Tango,” Aimee is able to get in contact with Dillon.

“I actually feel a lot better after I had my little f****** meltdown,” Aimee says in the confessional during the Oct. 7 episode. “It felt good to get a hold of Dillon. I’m so happy that he’s OK but I did that a lot of times now. I’m tired of putting myself through that.” 

The roommates rallied around Aimee after she spoke to Dillon. Gus especially felt for Amy, who was in her head about the whole situation.

Gus Smyrnios breaks his silence about running away from ‘Floribama Shore’ Montana house

Seeing Aimee struggle within her relationship sparked Gus’ memories of their trip to Montana. In a season 4 episode, Gus runs away from the house after getting frustrated with the roommates.

Gus took to Twitter on Oct. 7 to explain his actions in Montana. “Before last vacation in Montana, my dog had just died and my girl I dated for a year just broke up,” the reality star tweeted. “I told my roommates I wasn’t OK mentally, especially since I dealt with it during the pandemic. Instead they said I was losing it because Nilsa [Prowant] was pregnant…”

“That’s why I was losing it in the house,” he continues in another tweet. “I was hurt, and instead of them being there for me, they made rumors that I was upset about Nilsa moving on when we never even dated. Made me sick, I trusted them.” 

‘Floribama Shore’ Montana trip recap

During the casts’ trip to Montana, Gus reached a boiling point with Jeremiah Buoni. The growing feud between the two started during Floribama Shore Season 3 and continued to escalate until the two got into a physical fight in the Montana house. 

After their confrontation, Gus grew increasingly frustrated with his roommates’ seeming lack of care regarding the situation. Many fans were shocked to see Gus run away from the house, his roommates, and even production crews. The Floribama Shore cast went after him, but production was the one to find Gus. 

He was required to quarantine before rejoining the house. Upon his return, Gus apologized for his actions. The roommates have since moved on from the issue. 

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