Felicity Kendall flustered as Robert Lindsay recalls saying he saw through dress
8th July 2021

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Fans are swooning over Robert Lindsay and Felicity Kendall on The One Show tonight, as the pair took a trip down memory lane.

Host Ronan Keating asked the duo about their time together, over the last few decades after meeting 44 years ago.

"Easy, Ronan!" jokes Robert, not wanting an exact date of how long it had been.

The acting legends were quick to heap praise on each other, with Robert raving about how "sexy" Felicity is.

Ronan asked Robert what he remembered most about appearing on The Good Life with Felicity.

Without missing a beat, the actor answered: "Her."

Felicity looked shy as he elaborated: "She was… I mean you still are… You were the sexiest woman on British TV."

"She was! She was voted the sexiest. It was my first gig when I left drama school. What did I have to say? I think I saw through your dress or something."

Felicity laughed and looked flustered at his flattery.

"I had one line" recalled Robert. "Were you the postman?" asked Felicity.

Robert reacted with joke outrage: "I beg your pardon?"

"Maybe that was another Robert" laughed Felicity.

Fans raved about the pair's chemistry and agreed with Robert's words about Felicity.

"Felicity Kendall is still gorgeous" tweeted one.

"Wow, Felicity Kendall still looking fantastic" added another.

"Robert Lindsey gets sexier with age" swooned one fan happily.

The pair were on the show to talk about their new musical ‘Anything Goes’.

Ronan was keen to stress that Felicity and Robert were allowed to sit close to one another as they are part of a bubble due to working together closely.

Talking about the COVID restrictions lifting, Robert said: “We've been told on the 19th of July that we may make physical contact.”

Felicity laughed “You speak for yourself!” and leaned away from him jokingly.

The stunning actress also praised the other cast members from the musical: “It’s not often that you're in rehearsal, and we all stop to watch.”

“The numbers that everyone is performing is amazing. We've seen it again and again and just can't get enough of it, everyone is a triple threat.

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