‘Fed up with it’ Ash Sarkar torn apart after claiming M25 protesters are ‘game-changers’
21st September 2021

M25 protests ‘unacceptable behaviour’ says Kwasi Kwarteng

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Ash Sarkar has said that history will see climate change groups like the Extinction Rebellion and also Insulate Britain as “game-changers”.  However, James Max believed that the protests on the M25 are “making things off”, saying he is “fed up with positive action”. The argument came as more arrests were made after Insulate Britain protesters tried to block motorway for the fifth time.

Speaking on Jeremy Vine show, Ash Sarkar argued: “So, this is my sense of insulate UK and Extinction Rebellion tactics, which is they’re not so concerned about whether or not they’re liked, they just want to be high up the media agenda.

“And I think that that’s what Roger Hallam was the leader of extinction rebellion and the brains behind insulate UK. That’s what he wants because he sees climate change as an issue which has been ignored for too long.

“Now, we can talk about the wisdom of that as a strategy.

“I personally think that more needs to be done to actually tackle the big polluters rather than your average Joe on the street.”

She continued: “However, it is undeniable that extinction rebellions tactics, though they did invite an awful lot of condemnation from all parts of society, did really help drive climate change up the agenda.

“And throughout history when you have big social moves Martin Luther King being a great example of this.

“They were condemned and hated in their time, and then we look back on them as the real game changers.”

James Max chipped in: “I don’t think we will look like Extinction Rebellion as game-changers.”


“But the fact is we’re talking about it precisely because it was disruptive.”

Mr Max said: “Yeah, I think we’re talking about it because it’s disruptive and there’s a bit of me that kind of hates myself for wanting to talk about it and wants to get cross.

“But on the other hand, I’m getting really fed up with this positive action that you can’t get something through our normal government system and now you’ve got a Prime Minister who is talking about climate change on the global stage, doing something about it through the ballot box.

“They haven’t got what they want. So now they’re just going to disrupt everybody’s lives and in fact, they’re making it worse.

“They’re making it worse because I think they are turning people off the debate, and I think they’re holding people’s lives when we’re trying to get out of the post-pandemic and trying to recover, and also as the guy there arguing saying ‘you’re stopping the traffic, it’s polluting’.

“It’s making it worse. It’s stupid.”

Demonstrators are calling on the government to insulate all of “Britain’s 29 million leaky homes by 2030 and all social housing by 2025”.

A spokesperson for the group, Liam Norton, said: “The idea that people would suddenly decide insulating our leaky homes is a bad idea as a result of our campaign is frankly laughable.

“We are simply asking the government to get on the job. The people of Britain understand that climate change is a severe threat to everything they hold dear.”

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