Fans freak out at ‘nightmare fuel’ character in terrifying new horror film
15th June 2022

Ethan Hawke's role in a new horror film has been described as "pure nightmare fuel" by fans of the heartthrob actor.

The 51-year-old, most recently seen on the small screen in Marvel superhero caper Moon Knight, is set to star in The Black Phone which opens in the UK next week (June 24).

In it he plays a sinister child killer called The Grabber who, using the guise of a part-time magician, lures kids into his van before holding them captive in his basement.

The scary flick then takes a bizarre supernatural turn when Hawke's latest hostage Finney discovers a disconnected landline in his makeshift cell through which he can communicate with the ghosts of previous victims.

Those otherworldly voices then set about helping Finney to escape and wreak revenge on the murdering kidnapper.

But it's Hawke's creepy performance – sporting a corpse-like pallor, top hat and a grinning devil mask – which people are already crediting for causing them sleepless nights.

"Just saw a preview for The Black Phone and I think that was enough to give me a nightmare," tweeted one, while another added, "Really want to see this but just know it'll freak me out."

Movie website also called Hawke's turn "nightmare fuel," while and called him "terrifying" and "phenomenally despicable" respectively.

The film has been directed and co-written by Scott Derrickson, whose 2012 scare-fest Sinister also starred Hawke, playing a writer who moves his family into a house where some notorious murders occurred in order to cure his writer's block.

And Hawke himself has gone on record saying that audiences will likely look at him differently after watching The Black Phone.

"I hate playing the baddie, someone's who's overtly evil," he said in a recent interview.

"You teach the audience to see what's evil about you as a person, and once they see that they can't unsee it and they kind of bring it into every part you do afterwards.

"I have this theory that once he'd done The Shining no one looked at Jack Nicholson the same way as an actor.

"After that, everything he did kinda made you think, 'Wait, is he going to chop off my head'?"

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