EU ‘turning a blind eye’ to France ‘bullying the UK’ over fishing row says Farage
1st November 2021

EU turning a blind eye' to France wanting to break Brexit deal

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Former Brexit party leader Nigel Farage has warned that France is trying to “bully” Britain and that the EU is “turning a blind eye” to the fishing row between Paris and London. It came Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron remain at loggerheads over post-Brexit fishing rights.

Speaking to GB news, Nigel Farage said: “I think it was part of something very much bigger indeed, of course, because the Northern Ireland protocol also comes into this and our whole relationship with the European Union comes into it.

“I mean, the first thing I think this dispute shows is just how awful the fishery is part of the withdrawal agreement with the European Union was.

“Because here we have hundreds of French boats, able to fish up to six miles from British coasts, and we have virtually zero access in the six to 12 mile range off the French coast.

“So we’ve got a very, very bad deal, but that was the deal.”

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He went on: “And indeed, it was a treaty between us in the European Union.

“And now what you’ve got is France wanting to wilfully breach that treaty.

“Why? Well because we’ve allowed licences to French boats to fish out to our six-mile line, if they could show historic fishing access in our waters and indeed, in Jersey’s waters as well.

“And here we have a couple of dozen French boats, who say they have no records.”

He continued: “They can’t prove they were fishing in our waters, which means given the fishing boats have to have logbooks, they’re almost admitting they were fishing illegally in our waters in the first place.

“So we have stuck to the letter of the agreement.

“The French having got an incredible deal out of all of this now want the earth and think they can bully us into submission and the European Union are effectively turning a blind eye because it’s the French that are keen to breach the treaty.

“If it was Poland or somebody else, they’d have come down like a ton of bricks.”

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said that the UK is set to take legal action against France over the ongoing row about post-Brexit fishing rights.

Last month, the UK and Jersey denied permits gain access in their waters. 

In retaliation, France made threats including cutting electricity to Jersey.

Ms Truss told the BBC that France was acting “unfairly”.
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