Empire Bling cast: Who stars in the Netflix series?
21st January 2021

NETFLIX has just released a Selling Sunset-eque reality drama with Los Angele's biggest and wealthiest Asian socialites.

Bling Empire, which follows a wildly rich group of Asian and Asian-American friends, is available on Netflix now.

Kevin Kreider

Kevin was born in Korea and adopted into a white family.

Kevin moved from Pennsylvania to LA to pursue a career in modeling, and that is now his job.

As someone who makes a regular salary, he's introduced to the cast to "ground" his ultra-wealthy cast mates.

Kane Lim

Kane is introduced as a billionaire who is friends with all the fellow wealthy Asians around Los Angeles.

He’s from Singapore and moved to LA to continue his family business investments. His family dabble in real estate, oil, shipping and tanking.

His best friend Kevin says that his family “owns the shopping malls you go into in South East Asia.”

Jamie Xie

At 23 years old, Jamie is the youngest cast member on the show.

She explains she had her sights on going to the Olympics for horse riding but she switched lanes and is now an aspiring fashion designer.

Jamie’s father is billionaire Ken Xie, a cybersecurity technology entrepreneur who founded a business with his brother.

Christine Alexandra Chiu

Christine Chiu, who was born in Taiwan but now lives in Bel Air, is a self-described “philanthropist, investor, and couture collector."

Her cast mates describe her as a materialistic shopper who loves to name drop.

Kelly Mi Li

Kelly was married in her early 20s to a Chinese man who provided her with a life of luxury. At one point, the pair owned seven cars and four horses.

Her world came crashing down after her husband was arrested "arrested for running one of the biggest cyber scams in American history" and she admitted she "barely knew the man she was sleeping next to."

Kelly now lives in West Hollywood with her boyfriend Andrew.

Kim Lee

Kim is half Vietnamese and resides in Los Angeles.

She used to be a model, but is now a world-famous DJ. On the show she is described as “Asia’s Calvin Harris” and the “number one hottest female in south east Asia."

Anna Shay

Anna lives in Beverly Hills and is half-Japanese and half-Russian. Her friends describe her as "super, super" wealthy.

“Her father sells bombs, guns, defense technology and is a worth a few billion”, adds Kane. He reportedly founded Pacific Architects and Engineers, a defense contracting firm.

Anna has a son who infrequently appears on the show.

Guy Tang

Eclectic Guy Tang is a celebrity hair colorist, YouTuber, and musician who is a friend to the castmates. He appears to be self-made.

Cherie Chan

Cherie was on her way to becoming a Japanese pop star before family life took precadent.

She and her partner Jessey Lee are now busy raising their son Jevon and daughter Jadore.

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