Emmerdale’s Will Taylor to ‘murder’ ex Harriet as he plots dark affair revenge
14th September 2020

Emmerdale character Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) left Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) in tears during Monday's episode after a nasty take down with his words.

After learning the truth about Malone, who Harriet was having an affair with, Will decided to move out and get away from Harriet.

However he changed his mind when daughter Dawn (Olivia Bromley) begged him to stay for the sake of his grandson.

But he made it clear he wanted nothing to do with Harriet, seemingly threatening her if she did anything else to hurt him.

He told the disgraced vicar: "I owe you nothing now. Cross me now and you're finished.

"Look at you hiding behind that collar, making out you're all good, when in actual fact you're a dirty hypocrite.

"I hope you burn in hell."

Harriet was left in tears and feeling sorry for herself, but fans rallied behind her, wondering if Will had forgotten that just a few months ago he actually tried to kill her.

One said: "Will belittling Harriet like that when he's done a lot worse than she did and he always brings up about her sending him to jail when it was his own fault he ended up there, Harriet was just doing her job."

Another tweeted: "I'm sorry but has Will forgotten that he tried to kill Harriet and she still forgave him?"

A third wrote: "I think Will forgets he almost killed her."

Someone else added: "Excuse me please? Is Will forgetting what he did to Harriet? No?"

And a fifth added: "Will just conveniently forgetting how he terrorised Harriet then?"

Will learned last week that Malone was dead thanks to Dawn, after he had tried to force her to kill herself.

The bent cop had been terrorising Will and his loved ones for months, but when Dawn discovered his affair with Harriet things took a dramatic turn.

But seeing as though this is Emmerdale, it's likely this won't be the last that viewers hear of Malone.

If the truth comes out to the wider public, how will Dawn and Harriet react?

And could Will pin it all on Harriet to protect his own blood?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm on ITV

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