Emmerdale’s Leyla nastily exposes Suzy's connection to Holly's death to Moira?
14th June 2022

When drug addict Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) realises she’s a sinking ship, she’s ready to take Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) down with her.

Jai’s dealer shows up at Take A Vow with an offer that Leyla cannot refuse, leading her to an embarrassing close call at the Hide whereby she practically outs herself. She exhibits odd

behaviour, brazenly announcing she’ll buy everyone’s dinner, and Suzy is the first to twig what this means – she’s high as a kite.

Suzy is outraged and confronts her, but Leyla feels judged and instead reveals how proud she feels that she’s managing to keep this secret life going.

Things take a turn for Leyla when her dealer spots her with Jai and uses this to blackmail her – either she gets Jai back on his books, or he cuts her off completely. Leyla is perturbed by the demand, but when Suzy later spies the dealer in Take A Vow, she orders him to leave, and Leyla is left without a supplier for her habit anyway. Only now she has Suzy to blame instead of herself.

Leyla is incensed. With no drugs and a comedown on the cards, the claws are out for Suzy. In a moment of pure vitriol, Leyla spits that if Suzy doesn’t give her the details of her own dealer, Leyla will reveal to Moira (Natalie Robb) the part Suzy played in Holly Barton’s death. First Priya (Fiona Wade), and now Suzy falls victim to Leyla’s drug-addled malice.

Suzy is horrified at Leyla’s new low, and begrudgingly hands over the number. With that, she vows she’s done with Leyla for good. Old Leyla is in there somewhere as she’s stabbed with a pang of regret, that is before she pics up the phone and dials the dealer’s number. With Suzy no longer around to watch out for her, will Liam finally be the one to realise what’s wrong with his wife?

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