Emmerdale’s Carl King ‘returns from dead’ as fans spot Liv Flaherty clue
20th May 2021

Emmerdale fans saw a familiar name pop up on Thursday evening's episode, as the late Carl King got an unexpected mention.

The businessman, played by Tom Lister, was killed in 2012 by love rival Cameron Murray, though Chas Dingle initially believed she was responsible for his murder.

Chas, played by Lucy Pargeter, attempted to reach out to Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) this week, witnessing her spiral into alcoholism in recent scenes.

Liv was convinced she was responsible for letting Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) die, after she failed to help him when he was pinned down by a wooden beam on his wedding day.

Realising Liv was battling guilt, Chas opened up about her own experience with Carl, explaining she feared she'd murdered him after hitting him over the head.

Though Cameron was later exposed as his killer, the incident was enough to shake Chas to the core, as she carried the shame with her in the years that followed.

Watching from home, Emmerdale fans were thrilled by the reference to Carl, appreciating the fact scriptwriters had woven his story into the plot.

One said: "Carl King referance I love this scene with Liv and Chas."

"Think Emmerdale have finally decided to actually pull out a little of their history books. Chas referencing Carl, Paddy referencing Erics dog and Val and Aaron's younger years #Emmerdale," added a second.

And a third remarked: "Awww Carl the best looking King lol ."

While a fourth chimed: "I knew Chas would bring up her past, with Carl King. Hopefully that will push Liv to stop being a brat."

Opening up about the night of Carl's death, Chas remembered: "He attacked me. He was going to rape me.

"I don’t know what came over me. Fear, panic, overwhelming urge to get away to be safe. I hit him. With a brick that was lying on the ground. Like you, I blamed myself for his death."

Liv, struck by confusion, interrupted and asked: "Hang on, I’m sure Aaron said that a nutter killed Carl and Jenny?"

"Cameron? Yeah, he did," Chas replied.

"But for the longest time, I thought he died because I hit him and I left him for dead. I just wanted to get away, to save myself."

Will Chas' pep talk be enough to help bring Liv back from the brink?

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm with an extra helping on Thursdays at 8pm.

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