Emmerdale viewers rage at The Dingles over treatment of Cain
17th December 2019

Emmerdale viewers were left raging at iconic soap family The Dingles tonight.

The family got together for a festive gathering to watch A Christmas Carol.

Marlon (Mark Charnock) got emotional at the movie over Scrooge's treatment of Tiny Tim.

But emotions were set to reach fever-pitch in the Dingle household too due to some family drama.

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) came to the family home to join in with the festive fun, but was enraged to see son Nate (Jurell Carter) there.

As soon as he entered the house, Cain clocked Nate and said: "What's he doing here?"

Marlon replied: "I guess you didn't know."

Cain snapped back: "You're guessing right."

Sam (James Hooton) sheepishly told Cain it was he who invited Nate.

Seeing Cain's blood start to boil, Nate addressed him and said: "You keep making me pay."

A stroppy Cain fired back: "No I'm not."

"I’m guessing making Kyle scared of me doesn’t count then," Nate replied, leaving the rest of The Dingles stunned.

Cain then fumed at his family and told them all to "go to hell".

Emmerdale viewers were raging at the fact The Dingles invited Nate over for a family get-together considering he had an affair with Cain's wife Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb).

They took to Twitter in their droves to express their anger.

One viewer raged: "Times like this I hate the Dingle family."

While another continued: "Will Cain ever forgive The Dingles for basically choosing Nate over him?"

A third added: "Where is the Dingle loyalty? That boy tore apart Cain’s family. They’re punishing Moira enough, why is Nate a victim? #emmerdale"

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