Emmerdale trailer gives first look at horrific car crash as ‘terror unfolds’
4th May 2022

We've only just seen the back of twisted serial killer Meena, and now Emmerdale is ramping up the drama again, with a trailer promising some very explosive action in next week’s episodes.

The teaser for the ITV stalwart starts with someone trapped in a muddy grave. But who’s the victim, how did they get there and most importantly, can they escape?

The fleeting scene is undoubtedly the stuff of nightmares, as the victim struggles to get a foothold, in a desperate bid to haul themselves out of the pit, and to safety.

Is a fan favourite possibly about to meet their end, frightened and alone amid a grave full of mud?

But those are just a few of the questions that need answering, as the trailer goes on to show a terrible car crash, but doesn’t make clear just who is in the wrecked car, or how it ended up spinning off the road.

With the row between old enemies Cain and Al (Michael Wildman) heating up again, you know there will be some menacing scenes. But when Cain (Jeff Hordley) warns “This is over” what does he have planned for his nemesis?

Is the longtime village hardman literally set to run the smooth businessman out of town, courtesy of the shocking crash?

Cain has never been one for calm discussion, if there's a chance to punch first and ask questions later. And by the look on his face, everyone – including loyal sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter) needs to be worried about what Cain has planned.

Meanwhile, Cain’s mother Faith (Sally Dexter) is clearly on the edge, as grimacing she yells “Special delivery!” before throwing a small dumbbell, which smashes the glass in Dan’s front door.

But who is the intended recipient of her ‘gift’ and why is she so hellbent on wreaking havoc?

Elsewhere it’s a testing time for Gabby (Rosie Bentham). The young mum is living in fear. She knows her ex – and the father of her son Thomas – Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) is still at large and is terrified that he is waiting for his moment to strike.

As she cowers in a corner, clutching one of her baby son’s toys, Gabby’s voice can be heard, saying: “Jamie’s back and he’s out there, I know he is.”

If Kim’s son – who was once thought to have perished in an accident – really is out to snatch his son, will Gabby ever be safe?

With so many gripping plots spotlighted in the brief film, Emmerdale fans won’t want to miss a minute of the Dales dramas, in the special week that is the start of the build up towards an epic Autumn for the rural soap, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in October.

Show producer Laura Shaw has hinted that her plans for the show left colleagues stunned when she sketched them out in secret planning meetings.

Is the show that's brought us planes crashing onto the village and endless fires, explosions and murders set to up the ante even more?

It's safe to say that whatever transpires during the week, it will be stoking the fires for more incendiary action over the coming months, as virtually everyone in the village will get their moment to shine in the gripping storylines.

Will anyone die? What will the repercussions be? And who’ll come out of the week’s escapades on top? There’s only one way to find out, so brace yourselves. Because some people in rural Yorkshire are definitely playing dirty…

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday on ITV at 7.30pm

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