Emmerdale star reveals Mandy will kill Paul
16th January 2021

Paul Ashdale’s (Reece Dinsdale) gambling secret in Emmerdale has been one that’s been consuming his life for months.

He’s managed to keep his truth a secret from Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) in order to continue their relationship, but with Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) and Vinny (Bradley Johnson) knowing the truth, it won’t be long until Mandy discovers what Paul has been up to.

Viewers have watched Paul brutally attack son Vinny over his gambling problems on a number of occasions, and as Lisa Riley recently revealed, discovering what Paul has been doing to Vinny would take her character to an incredibly dark place:

‘She’d kill Paul. She would kill for Vinny, and would have the Dingle mafia behind her. Paul knows that. There would be no coming back. If and when she finds out, that is the end of everything. So many times in life we forgive, get slapped again, that’s human nature what soap portrays. Mandy has been a bit of a doormat.

Third time lucky, we’ve had Paddy, Butch and Paul is the 3rd time lucky like to think theres a tiny bit they could hold onto for the happy ever after. People in real life change, but its how they go about it. But only so many times you can chisel at the tree – and Mandy is a very thick tree! Don’t hurt her that much.’

Mandy’s upcoming proposal to Paul certainly helps to cover up the dark reality of Paul’s life, but when the inevitable moment comes where Mandy discovers what he’s been doing, Lisa explained the loveable and fun side to Mandy disappears:

‘At this point she has no idea of the truth, she says ‘you are my happy ever after’, that’s all she wants the Cinderella story. In her own little world being oblivious to anything else makes life easier, puts the guard up. When Mandy finds out that’s when the cow dung really hits the fan, big style. Her world is over. For every warning when Paul returned, and they could possibly be a family, she stuck by Paul for Vinny because she wanted this idealistic family. Slowly along the way its crumbled, but after all the warning signs that is still all she wants. Her true Dingle comes out when she learns the truth.’

Lisa continued the chat, adding her thoughts on how Mandy will feel when Paul makes his confession:

‘A manipulative bruise is deeper than a visual bruise on the face, a mind game bruise. She feels totally manipulated by Paul and cant believe the lengths. What breaks her heart is he’s said in front of Vinny ‘would you want to ruin the happiness the salon brings to your mother,’ penny drops – money to pay for the beloved salon has come from bad money… Not just the gambling, but her little empire has been bought by that – how could you do that to the woman you love?

She goes home, packs his stuff in binliners including beloved bangle he bought her she’s not taken off since he got back, everything is broken promises, the ring he’s bought her is Elizabeth Duke from Argos! That goes in the bin as does all his worldly goods. Has no care for him – that’s it, final, no remnants of him.’

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