Emmerdale spoilers: Al Chapman seduces Chas Dingle – but is caught by Marlon Dingle
18th November 2021

EMMERDALE schemer Al Chapman is in for an ordeal next week – after he tries to seduce Chas Dingle.

The businessman – who is played by actor Michael Wildman in the ITV soap – has just blackmailed his way into buying part of The Woolpack.

Viewers know he is planning on taking over the pub beforesecretly redeveloping the space into luxury apartments.

But in the village Chas and Marlon think he’s just trying to help them make it profitable again so he can turn a profit.

However, when Al gets bold and tries to seduce Chas – a veneful Cain Dingle gets wind and vows to put a stop to him.

Next week, Al will approach Chas and tell her how much he wants her, before the pair get close as if they are going to share a kiss.

But they are swiftly interrupted by Marlon, who is aware he's just walked into a passionate moment and demands to know what's going on.

With Chas vowing to stay silent, Marlon later approaches Al threatens him to stay away – as Cain, who is equally keen to stop Al, observes from afar.

Cain begins to hatch a horrible plan, and begins by trasnporting Al to a nearby barn where he threatens him and pretends to hold a gun to his chest.

But Cain doesn't shoot – he admits he has more evil plans than that for the businessman, who looks terrified of what's to come.

Meanwhile, Al's sudden disappearance sparks panic and Marlon spills the beans to Chas about Cain's plan for vegenge.

After Chas shoots off to put a stop to whatever Cain is up to, Paddy starts asking around about his wife’s whereabouts. 

Marlon tries to dodge a bullet by being wilfully vague, which leaves Paddy confused and suspicious. 

But will Chas be able to stop Cain before things escalate too far?

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