Emmerdale Noah Dingle star Jack Downham’s life – rival soap roles to real age
10th May 2022

It's never quiet in the Dales and the latest Emmerdale storyline is seeing fan-favourite Noah Dingle show a much more sinister side.

Once a sweet little boy, Noah has had a difficult life after he was born to his mum Charity Dingle when she was still in jail.

Charity was accused of murdering her former husband Chris Tate and Noah's entry to the world was far from smooth.

Arriving three months early and having to have emergency surgery, a surprise DNA test proved the deceased Chris Tate to be Noah's dad.

Initially named Enoch by sister Debbie, Charity soon switched the name but Chris' sister Zoe Tate bribed Charity to hand over Noah.

In exchange for Noah, Zoe gave Charity the evidence she needed to escape prison.

Baby Noah spent a short spell known as Christopher Francis Tate Jr and his mother and sister were banned from seeing it.

Now, Charity has custody once more but the turbulent life of Charity has certainly left its mark on her son.

Jack is now taking on one of Noah's biggest storyline which will see him begin to stalk his ex-girlfriend Chloe Harris.

The unhealthy obsession is set to play out over the next few weeks but thankfully the actor's life is nothing like his counterpart's.

Real age

Jack Downham has been playing the part of Noah since 2009 and was born in Leeds on September 19. 2001, making him 20.

Incidentally, after being born so near to the home of Emmerdale, he's sure to be very familiar with the areas where Emmerdale is filmed.

Jack has a huge Instagram following at 16.1k but he very rarely uses it.

However, he has recently shared Emmerdale's post which asks: "what does the future hold for the village?"

Rival soap roles

Jack's first role in Emmerdale wasn't actually as Noah.

He first appeared in the soap as an extra.

He's also known for his role as Peter Morley in Heartbeat and played a Young Robin in the 2010 version of Robin Hood.

Jack has shared his thoughts on Noah's storyline and when asked if he thinks Noah understands what he's doing is wrong, he told Digital Spy: "He doesn't see it at the time, like a lot of stalkers in real life when I've been researching, they don't see that what they're doing is wrong."

He's also admitted that he's not surprised as to how Noah has turned out.

He says that Charity's relationships as he grew up could have impacted his view of women and how to act around them.

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