Emmerdale Meena and Leanna stars had to self-isolate for gruesome murder scenes
8th July 2021

Emmerdale's murder plot stars Mimi Slinger and Paige Sandhu self-isolated to make their shock kill scene more realistic.

Tonight's episode will see Leanna Cavanagh die after she was shoved off a 40ft bridge by psycho nurse Meena Jutla last night.

The unexpected death has left telly fans reeling.

Mimi, 18, said about their choice to voluntarily isolate to make the gripping murder scene more thrilling: “In order to film the scenes the best we could, we had to be closer than the social distancing rules would allow.

“Both Paige and I decided to form a ‘bubble’ and we had to isolate for a few days in a hotel and have regular Covid tests to make sure that we were okay prior to filming.

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“I really feel it was necessary to make the scenes feel as real and raw as possible.

“Paige is great at playing a bit of a psycho – it was actually quite scary!”

Paige’s nurse character is set to be Emmerdale’s first serial killer.

The actress has been reading horror books including American Psycho to understand the character, and confirmed: “She’ll kill simply because someone is in her way and she always gets what she wants.”

Mimi added she has kept plans for the murder secret since December and will be devastated to leave ITV’s Emmerdale “family”.

But she’s been signed by Storm Modelling – famed for discovering Kate Moss – and says she’s “learning a lot” from “fun” photoshoots and wants to work on songs she’s been writing.

Mimi and Paige’s safety-first approach to filming is in contrast to Sam Dingle actor James Wootton’s view on Covid.

The 47-year-old Emmerdale veteran was slammed as selfish earlier this year when he said he was refusing to be jabbed as he takes vitamins and antiviral tablets.

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