Emmerdale Liv and Jacob romance teased as she makes move on grieving friend
3rd August 2021

Things are about to get hot and steamy for Jacob Gallagher and Liv Flaherty in the Dales, as Emmerdale spoilers reveal that there could be a potential romance on the cards for the pair next week.

Both Jacob and Liv have been going through their own personal traumas recently, but will a mutual understanding bring the young twosome together?

Liv has been hitting the booze pretty hard in the last few weeks but tells a concerned Aaron Dingle that she has the ability to stop drinking any time she wants to.

Seeing that Liv is going down a downward spiral with alcohol, Mandy Dingle warns Liv not to spend any more time with her son Vinny and motivates her to try and stop drinking.

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But to ensure she gets her message across, Mandy also decides to hide Vinny's phone.

Mandy takes things a step further by telling Liv that Vinny has blocked her number and will be taking Belle Dingle out for a drink.

Later on, Liv sees Vinny and Belle together. Upset and confused, Liv confronts Vinny and addresses the fact the hadn't been answering his phone.

Vinny is in shock, but later realises that his mother was behind it all and fumes at her for her lying and manipulation.

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Liv is heartbroken by the ordeal, but to make matters worse, Vinny tells Liv that he can only be her friend and nothing more.

Distraught with the fact that Vinny doesn't want to pursue anything romantic with her, Liv makes a mystery call to arrange a date.

The next day, Liv knocks back the vodka to prepare for her guest. A short while after she invites her date in which happens to be Jacob.

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Trying to make sure they're both comfortable, Liv suggests Jacob should choose a film for them to watch as she continues to down more vodka for courage.

Later on, Jacob is stunned when Liv suggests that he should head upstairs as she slowly begins to take off her clothes.

But the pair are interrupted when Aaron walks in on them and is mortified with what could have potentially taken place.

The pair begin to argue and Aaron throws Liv out of their home.

Once the news gets back to Ben at the Mill, he is concerned that Liv has been chucked out by herself.

But will Liv decide to meet up with Jacob again?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm

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