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3rd October 2022

AFTER six years in the Dales, actress Isobel Steele has reportedly decided it was time for her to turn a leaf.

Emmerdale fans have taken to a Digital Spy forum, expressing their shock.

Nothing prepared ITV viewers for Liv Flaherty's exit, yet the 21-year-old soap star has allegedly sensationally quit the show, ready to move on and out of the eponymous village – permanently.

Recent reports have revealed the Liv could be killed of as part of the program's explosive anniversary week, during which a deadly storm will be making its way towards Yorkshire.

Multiple disappointed fans have expressed concern over the barista leaving the show, most notably due to her on-screen brother's own return after less than a year away.

However, some viewers were fuming that news of her exit had been leaked.

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"Could have left the door open. I love Liv as a character", one fan penned on the forum.

"I just hope they do it well. This is going to be a shocking death though, for the 50th I imagined they would just kill off characters who have only been in it for three years or less, like they did with Meena."

"She was also great asexual representation."

"Glad this was leaked because if I saw this live without knowing she was going to die, I'd probably hate the 50th."



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Another viewer commented: "I am gutted by this news. Isobel is a fantastic actress and although her stories have sometimes been repetitive I’ve enjoyed her presence."

"Wish this could have been kept a secret though."

"I'd rather they killed off Aaron to be honest", a third fan quipped as another added: "Why has this leaked though? Surely it'd have been better as a surprise."


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A fifth viewer echoed: "I’m genuinely shocked at this news!"

"Isobel is a brilliant singer though so I hope she goes onto do something in musical theatre after this she’d be excellent. Very bold move to genuinely kill off the character though (if they are)."

Some fans predicted soap bosses could come to regret killing Liv off.

"They may regret it later on down the line when Danny Miller decides to return full time", one wrote while another chimed in with: "As others have said it wouldn't be Emmerdale's 50th without a big dose of misery for Aaron!"

"All this on top of Faith dying (presumably around the same time) as well."

As mentioned above, a storm will be hitting the Dales with ITV airing a dramatic anniversary episode on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

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Multiple deaths have been hinted at as Isobel is allegedly not the only actress to quit the soap.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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