Emmerdale fans fume at ‘hypocrite’ Chas as she orders engaged Mack to flee village
27th September 2023

Emmerdale fans were left fuming after "hypocrite" Chas Dingle lectured Mackenzie "Mack" Boyd about cheating and told him to leave the Yorkshire village.

On Wednesday (27 September) night, Mack surprised Chloe by asking her to marry him for the second time. It comes after she revealed to him she wasn't actually pregnant and was worried he wouldn't want to wed her anymore after he originally proposed when he believed she was expecting their second child.

As the couple celebrated their proposal news for the second time, along with an engagement ring, Mack's bubble quickly popped when Chas pulled him aside.

Understandably, Chas wasn't happy about the news as she's been keeping the secret that Mack slept with Charity only a few weeks ago and their divorce is yet to be finalised.

Confronting Mack, she said: "How do you think [Charity] is going to take this news? How do you think she's going to feel about it?"

Mack insisted it was time for Charity to "move on" before Chas laughed and reminded him that their fling was only "the other week".

"Charity will never move on whilst you're giving her mixed signals, you know what she's like, this will eat away at her", Chas insisted.

Before warning him: "The thing about mistakes, and take this from me, is that they have a habit of catching up with you."

Chas went on to encourage Mack to leave the Yorkshire village with Chloe, before Charity took things into her own hands and revealed all as she said "It's not a case of if, it's a case of when."

Viewers took to X, formally known as Twitter, where they labelled Chas a "hypocrite" who has cheated herself in the past. One viewer wrote: "Chas is a hypocrite why should anyone have sympathy for Charity?"

A second agreed and wrote: "Chas the biggest hypocrite", while another said: "Chas being a sanctimonious hypocrite – figures."

"Can’t stand Chas she can’t talk, she had an affair with Al and ruined her marriage with Paddy people in glass houses Chas", one viewer said.

"When did Chas become so pure and innocent?!?!", questioned another.

"You can't trust Chas period", a stern fan said.

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