Embarrassing Bodies guest’s ‘loud smelly farts’ caused problems in the bedroom
9th June 2022

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A woman who appeared on tonight's (June 6) episode of Embarrassing Bodies has told how her loud and smelly farts are stopping her getting intimate with her husband.

Tracy, 56, came into the clinic and told how she had been suffering with persistent wind for 17 years which had worsened recently after starting to eat meat again.

The massage therapist revealed when she gets into bed "the whoopie cushion gets let loose" and her husband finds it a huge turn off.

She also made the embarrassing revelation that he often asks her when he smells a bad fart if she or their two greyhound dogs were responsible?.

Tracy said: "My husband gets really frustrated that every time I get into bed the "whoopie cushion gets let loose".

"I've got two greyhounds – they are particularly smelly – and he will actually look at me and say was that you or the dog, and I say 'that was me sorry'."

Tracy said she had started eating meat again after "hitting the menopause" – which had caused her farts to be "really, really smelly".

She added her stomach often swells so tightly due to her wind "it feels like a drum".

Embarrassing Bodies' Dr Anand Patel sent Tracey to a gastroenterologist who prescribed her antibiotics to get rid of bacteria in her stomach.

She was also sent to a dietician who put her on an eating plan which meant she had to ditch loads of foods from her diet such as honey.

Later in the episode Tracy revealed to Dr Anand that her fart woes were over thanks to the changes in her diet and medication.

She said she no longer had pain in her stomach, no flatulence and when it came to farts, her "dogs were beating her hands down".

Tracy also explained the good news that intimacy had returned in her relationship, joking: "we can snuggle up on the sofa and he's not avoiding me anymore."

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