Elite season 4 cast: Who is in the cast?
17th June 2021

Elite: Netflix tease season four in dramatic trailer

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Elite season four premieres today (June 18) on Netflix and it is bringing with it a cast of new and familiar faces. The show will once again follow a group of teenagers and their discoveries in Las Encinas school. But who is in the cast of season four?

Who is in the cast of Elite season four?

Elite season four is promising to be another love affair for Las Encinas, with the trailer already revealing many love triangles in store.

Most of the main cast is back again to see what kind of trouble they can get into for another semester.

The plot details for the new season remain vague, though a lot of the established relationships are expected to be upended during season four.

While the plot is unknown, the cast isn’t and Express.co.uk has all the details on who will be back for the fourth season.

Samuel Garcia – Itzan Escamilla

Itzan Escamilla will be back as Samuel Garcia, or Samu, as he is commonly known, leading the series once again.

Samuel has been part of the crew since season one and has established himself as a fan-favourite character throughout the series.

He has had an adventurous time during his stay as las Encinas, with his relationship with Carla (played by Ester Esposito) taking centre stage.

Samu will be no doubt getting into new trouble during season four and will be perhaps meeting new love interests.

Guzmán Nunier – Miguel Bernardeau

Another series lead and proved to be integral to the plot of season one, Miguel Bernardeau is playing Guzmán Nunier once again in season four.

The biggest event of the first season was the murder of Marina (Maria Pedaza), who was Guzmán’s sister.

His main relationship during the series was with Nadia (Mina El Hammani) which was a crucial plot point in the first few seasons.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Bernardeau said: “It was very interesting to portray our relationship where both of us are trying to be something and someone else that we’re not, and we both teach the other character the beauty of being you.

“If I had to say something to Nadia, it would be, “You are enough. You don’t need to be anything else, you are enough.”

Ander Munoz – Arón Piper

Back again for the fourth season, Aron Piper is again playing Ander Munoz wince originally appearing in season one.

Despite not being wealthy like the majority of the students of Las Encinas, Ander is accepted by his peers as his mother is the principal of the school.

Fans love the character for his shy nature and his selfless acts as he continues to protect the people he cares about.

Omar Shanaa – Omar Ayuso

Omar is one of the more complex characters in Elite, with his main story arc revolving around his identity during the early seasons of the show.

Played by Omar Ayuso, the character grew up in a conservative Muslim household causing him to conceal his sexuality from his parents.

However, as the series has continued, Omar continually evolves and he will be the most open about his sexuality in season four.

Rebeka de Bormujo – Claudia Salas

First appearing in season two of the series, she has proved herself to be one of the tougher characters in the show.

During season two, she would box with Samuel and helped encourage him to find out the truth of Marina’s murder.

Played by Claudia Salas, she will once again prove to be someone the other characters can lean on in season four.

Cayetana Grajera – Georgina Amorós

Also originally appearing in season two, Cayetana is played by Georgina Amoros in season four of Elite.

She has a close relationship with Polo (Alvaro Rico) in the show however things will be changing for  her in season four following Polo’s death. 

Her options are now open in Las Encinas and she will undoubtedly get into new kinds of trouble during the season.

Fans have been sharing their excitement for season four with many of them commenting on the trailer Netflix have posted on their official YouTube channel.

One fan said: “Season 4 of Elite is literally Temptation Island!” (sic)

Another added: “Guzman can stay loyal to no girl.”

A third commented: “This season is a whole NEW chapter for Elite.”

Elite is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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