EastEnders star Lacey Turner reveals baby son's very unusual name after premature birth
8th March 2021

EASTENDERS star Lacey Turner has revealed her baby son's unusual name after his premature birth.

The actress, who plays Stacey Slater in the BBC soap, revealed last week that her son with husband Matt Kay was born weighing 6lbs.

Lacey, 32, introduced baby boy Trilby Fox in this week's issue of OK! magazine.

Speaking about the moniker she and Matt chose for their second child, the TV star said: "I always thought it was such a cool name.

"I knew a girl once and her sister was called Trilby Fox and I always thought it was such a cool name, and I quite liked it for a boy, so I've had it in my head for a really long time!

"It’s nice because when people say, 'What's his name?' you say, 'Trilby, like the hat.'

"When we had Dusty, we said, 'Dusty, like Dusty Springfield'."

The soap star also opened up on her son being premature and their scary the experience in hospital.

Trilby was born at 36 weeks and spent two days in a a special care unit for babies after it was discovered he had fluid on his lungs.

"It's so strange to see your baby strapped up to loads of wires but he's doing really well now.

"I texted work saying, 'I won't be in tomorrow or the next day but I'm happy to come in next week.

"I had such a quick birth and my recovery was so quick, I just popped in a few days later to finish my couple of scenes.

"EastEnders were amazing and accommodated the times I could work. The plan is to have six months off and go back in August. So please, God, we'll be able to travel to Ibiza so we can have a few months at our home there!"

Lacey previously admitted she ignored her pregnancy for three weeks over fears she would miscarry.

Lacey and Matt had two heartbreaking miscarriages before conceiving her daughter Dusty, who was born in July 2019.

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