EastEnders spoilers: Callum’s secret devastates Whitney on wedding day as fans spot clue?
14th August 2019

This week on EastEnders, Callum (played by Tony Clay) was hit by the news of a tragic death as he learnt and old army friend, Chris, had died.

But it soon became clear they were more than friends and the pair shared a romantic relationship.

Chris’ sister Vicky (Isis Davis) invited him to the memorial service where Callum was overcome with emotion and made an abrupt exit on the BBC soap.

Although he did return, and Vicky handed over letters Chris had written about Callum.

Vicky told Callum she wanted him to have the letters as he was the one Chris loved.

Along with Chris’ army beret, Callum took the papers in the emotional closing moments of the programme.

However, some viewers think the letters will come into play in a devastating wedding day twist.

Callum and Whitney are due to wed very soon but it looks as thought his secret could put a stop to proceedings.

Fans have predicted that Whitney (Shona McGarty) will find the letters, or worse, Callum will mix them up with his own vows.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to share their theories on the drama what could unfold.

One wrote: “Halfway will get the letters mixed up with his vows #Eastenders.”

“Whitney will probably find the letters on the actual day of the wedding though right? #Eastenders,” another questioned.

A third shared: “Of course Whitney is going to find those letters #Eastenders #oredictable.”

While a fourth wrote: “#EastEnders you just know Whitney is going to find those letters.”

It seems unlikely that the wedding will go off without a hitch considering all the inner turmoil Callum’s been experiencing.

But could it lead to a terrible death on the big day?

Just last week, Whitney was badgering Callum to write his wedding vows.

Although it looked as though there was an ominous hint that the nuptials will be doomed.

Callum penned the vows on the funeral directors stationery which could could to some troubling foreshadowing.

EastEnders continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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