EastEnders reveals Keanu’s horrific fate after ‘twisted’ baby bombshell
22nd February 2019

Keanu Taylor’s horrific fate was finally revealed on tonight’s EastEnders.

Karen’s son had not been in contact with anyone since leaving the country to perform a dangerous task for Phil Mitchell.

The Walford harman refused to find out information on his safety – until a big baby bombshell was dropped.

When Phil stood firm on his decision to stay out of the situation, Louise Mitchell revealed she was PREGNANT.

Asked if Keanu was the dad, Louise said: "Yes I’m sure and I’m keeping it. I love him."

Just at that moment Karen burst through the back door demanding answers.

Phil screamed: "That moron of a son of yours has got him up the duff."

Their anger turned to horror when Phil was sent a photo message revealing what had happened to Keanu.

Bloodied and beaten Keanu looked close to death after a brutal attack.

Phil assured everyone it was just a warning and that the thugs would not kill him.

He explained that he had set up some garages in Spain that infuriated the locals because he was undercutting the,.

Phil explained: "It was meant to be simple. Things got a bit tense. I needed someone to smooth things over.

"I told him to call me if it got out of hand."

It was later revealed that Louise had only pretended to be pregnant so that Phil would jump into action/

"Twisted the lot of you," shouted Karen when she found out the truth.

"If he don’t come back here in one piece it ain’t that bald psycho you need to worry about," she told Sharon.

Phil discovered the truth but still decided to fly out to get Keanu back home.

Curious EastEnders viewers took to Twitter to question who Sharon was talking about.

One viewer said: "‘I Just want the man I love back home safely’ Which one Sharon? Phil Or Keanu?

Another added: "Was Sharon talking about Phil or Keanu ??"

A third said: ""I just want the man I love back home" Sharon has finally realised she loves Keanu too. I love these 2 so much."

*EastEnders airs tonight on BBC One at 7.30pm

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