EastEnders’ Rainie Highway heartbroken as she discovers Stuart’s dark secret
22nd May 2022

EastEnders: Stuart tells Rainie he will get the surgery

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Eastenders viewers have watched Stuart (played by Ricky Champ) struggle to bond with baby Roland since he arrived and realised he is suffering from male post-natal depression. He has also been trying to recover from his breast cancer operation, where he forced himself to fight through the pain in fear of relapsing whilst taking the pain killers. In official BBC soap spoilers, Rainie (Tanya Franks) is set to find out the truth and it leaves the couple in a heartbreaking position.

BBC bosses have begun to look at male post-natal depression and raise awareness for men who struggle to become fathers.

Stuart has found it difficult to show love towards Roland but has hidden it from partner Rainie, who has no idea.

In upcoming scenes, Stuart tries to dispose of the medication but fails and ends up with Rainie finding the evidence.

Heartbroken about the lies, she confronts Stuart and asks why he would make her believe he is an addict once again.

Embarrassed at his actions, Stuart rushes out of their home to his chemotherapy appointment and avoids Rainie.

Later, when they sit down to talk about the incident, Rainie is left heartbroken when her husband admits he has no feelings toward their son.

Wanting to clear her head, Rainie leaves and soon bumps into Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths), who can see that the pair have argued.

Rainie keeps their issues to herself and makes up a lie that they are just struggling to get used to having a baby around.

Mitch has only heightened Stuart’s insecurity around fatherhood after he was spotted naturally bonding with Roland whilst taking care of him.

Are Stuart’s lies the last straw for Rainie, leaving the couple’s relationship on tenterhooks?

Will Stuart be able to continue trying to bond with Roland, or will he decide to take drastic action to give Rainie and her son the best possible life?

After his operation, Stuart struggled to keep his pain under wraps from Rainie and soon told her his concerns about being able to manage the dosages.

Being a supportive partner, Rainie decided to take control of his medication and only give it to him when he really needed it.

The pair struggled with their fertility journey for a long time, and when Stuart was diagnosed with breast cancer, he kept it to himself.

Knowing it was going to affect their relationship and their chance at a family, Stuart came clean to Rainie about his diagnosis and eventually got the help he needed.

Speaking out about the postnatal depression storyline, Annie Belasco, Head of the Charity PANDAS, said: “PANDAS Foundation were delighted to hear that EastEnders intended to produce a storyline highlighting postnatal depression in men.

“We enjoyed advising the team around the postnatal depression aspect of Stuart’s journey, which we feel will be relatable to many fathers struggling to bond with their baby.

“Postnatal depression in fathers is still a much undiscovered and stigmatised area, which is why it is so imperative that awareness is shared in no doubt that men who may be feeling unwell with symptoms of postnatal depression can seek the support that they need at an early interventional stage.

“A full recovery of any low level perinatal mental illness, with the right support is possible.”

EastEnders airs weekdays from 7:30pm on BBC One.

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