EastEnders fans rumble shock pregnancy twist after Louise sleeps with Keanu
28th December 2018

EastEnders fans believe Louise Mitchell is pregnant after hooking up with Keanu Taylor.

Just minutes after calling time on her relationship with Keegan Baker, naughty Louise got down and dirty with his older brother.

The pair have grown closer over the last few weeks during their driving lessons, but Keanu has still been clinging on to hope of carrying on his romance with Sharon.

After receiving another knockback from his cougar lover, Keanu finally gave in to temptation and started snogging Louise in the garage.

"This is wrong," admitted Keanu, who then proceeded to stick his tongue down Louise’s throat.

The teenager then lifted Louise up and dropped her on table, sending spanners flying around the room in the process.

While it wasn’t confirmed, it was made fairly obvious that the pair were about to have sex.

EastEnders viewers took to Twitter to suggest that Louise may be pregnant after their steamy session.

One viewer said: "Bet Louise will get pregnant and will have to try and explain to Sharon and Keegan that Keanu is the father"

Another added: "Tbh I think Louise is gonna get pregnant and not know who the dad is between Keegan & Keanu, put a 3rd one in and it’ll be Mamma Mia"

A third joked: "Keanu is out here ready to tell Sharon he’s pregnant just so she’ll come back"

Brave Keanu is definitely playing with fire, as sleeping with Louise will cause him a world of problems.

Keegan will be fuming when he finds out that his ex and his own brother have betrayed him.

He will also incur the wrath of Phil Mitchell, who will be furious that his employee has slept with his precious daughter.

And things will get even worse if Phil finds out that Keanu has also been having an affair with his wife Sharon.

*EastEnders airs tonight on BBC One at 8pm

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