EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ identity of Christmas murderer after terrifying break in
27th August 2023

With just four months left to go until this year’s exciting EastEnders Christmas whodunnit comes to an exciting conclusion, fans at home are convinced they’ve already discovered the identity of the murderer and the victim after tuning in to Thursday’s episode.

As regular viewers will know, the show first kicked off the storyline with a nail biting flash-forward preview at the beginning of the year, when six of Walford’s much loved matriarchs, Denise (Diane Parish), Kathy (Gillian Taylforth), Linda (Kellie Bright), Sharon ( Letitia Dean ), Stacey ( Lacey Turner ) and Suki (Balvinder Sopal) were faced with a man’s dead body.

However, the identity of the victim and what happened to them has remained a closely guarded secret. That is, at least, until now.

On Thursday’s visit to Albert Square, fans were shown the creepy antics of Theo Hawthorne as he grew increasingly frustrated at love interest Stacey Slater, when she informed him that her daughter Lily no longer needed his tutoring services.

Smiling to her face, Theo soon let his rage get the better of him and proceeded to break into her home and trash her bedroom in an act of jealous retaliation at being cut out of Stacey’s life.

As a result of the gross invasion of privacy and after fearing for her family’s safety, Stacey began to experience panic attacks and became even more reliant on Theo’s company in order to stay safe, much to the dodgy educator’s delight.

Given the escalation of his obsessive behaviour in recent weeks, which has included stalking Stacey and sending unsolicited gifts to her after first making contact on a cam girl platform, fans have predicted a very dark turn for the storyline, with many wondering if Theo could even place Stacey’s life in danger if she were to reject him.

It’s this potential for rejection that has prompted many fans to predict Theo will be the one to die this Christmas, with Stacey having killed him in self defence.

One fan wrote: “Theo is definitely the body at Xmas. Please let it happen.”

A second then added: “Theo is such a tramp, he doesn’t know he will be meeting his maker when eve gets hold of him loool”

Before a third commented: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Stacey kills him after all this.”

In addition to the theory, several fans have wondered if Suki Panesar could also have a hand in the murder, in defence of Eve Unwin, Stacey’s ex-wife who had previously begun to suspect that Theo was far from the squeaky clean person he presented himself as.

One fan shared their theory, writing: “Suki knows something is up with Theo I looooove it yessssss."

A second agreed adding: “I reckon Suki will kill Theo to protect Eve and Stacey.”

As viewers have already seen this week, Theo attempted to have Eve reported to the police and arrested after she attacked the drunk driver that had killed her sister, and has frequently been throwing the seeds of dissent between Stacey and Eve after growing jealous of the pair’s strong bond.

Could he potentially try to eliminate love rival Eve once and for all, prompting Stacey and Suki to defend her to the death?

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