EastEnders fans notice hidden Christmas murder clue in nail-biting episode
19th September 2023

EastEnders fans have noticed a hidden Christmas murder clue during the gripping episode on Monday, 18 September.

Just last week, Denise Fox became intrigued when she spotted Ravi Gulati getting stressed over an old laptop that was being used for music at a party.

She decided to take the laptop home and asked her stepson Ricky Mitchell to help her recover lost files on it.

Ricky managed to sort it, and there was only one file on the laptop, which was CCTV footage of Ravi killing Ranveer.

Fans will recall that last year, the man who everyone thought was Ravi's dad tried to rape Suki Panesar and looking to defend herself, she hit him over the head, and she believed that she had killed him.

However, moments later, Ravi walked in on Suki, and as he prepared to dispose of the body, Ranveer regained consciousness, leaving Ravi to kill him.

Despite that, Suki still thought that she was the one who murdered him, as Ravi had edited the footage to make it look like she did it, but he kept the original clip on his laptop, which Denise discovered.

As Denise watched the shocking video, she was unaware that Ravi was standing behind her, but when it finished, he appeared and said: "Anything interesting?"

Ravi denied the claims, but Denise raced over to her daughter Chelsea's house, where the Panesar family were gathered for the party and broke the news.

Chelsea, who was seeing Ravi, believed her, as did Suki and Denise's husband, Jack Branning.

Suki told Denise: "I believe you, but you need to tell me exactly what you saw."

The drama continued last night, as Suki convinced Denise to go to the police about what she watched, but they dismissed them as they didn't have any evidence.

Suki didn't give up, as she later told Denise that she would get Ravi to confess and record it, but what they didn't know was that Ravi was secretly listening.

In the episode, Jack was spotted wearing a yellow tie, which has led fans to think that he could be involved in the Christmas Day murder. Fans know that a murder will take place in the Queen Vic by one of 'The Six' – but the identity of the victim is still unknown. 

He is also wearing a pair of amber cufflinks, which viewers believe represent the seven deadly sins.

Each of the six women involved in the murder scenes, Suki, Denise, Sharon Watts, Stacey Slater, Kathy Beale and Linda Carter, are wearing colours which are associated with sins, apart from red, blue, orange and yellow.

Jack has connections to Suki, Denise, Stacey and several other former Walford women, and fans believe this could be key to working out who is involved.

One viewer tweeted: "Jack in a yellow tie. Everyone is convinced there's a 7th at Christmas.

"The yellow balloon indication could be Sam. Jack currently has the cufflinks. Connections to Denise/Stacey, Suki through Ravi… engaged to Sharon, Linda through Max…just need a link to Kathy."

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