EastEnders fans fear brutal George Knight twist amid Cindy return
26th August 2023

As EastEnders fans prepare to welcome Cindy Beale back to Walford in the coming days, one question that continues to be on everyone’s mind, is what exactly prompted Cindy to walk out on George Knight and their two daughters, Anna and Gina?

So far, very little information has been released about the circumstances surrounding Cindy’s decision to walk out on her family, particularly given how fiercely protective she was previously shown to be of her other children.

According to George, Cindy simply packed her bags and left one night without saying goodbye and has deliberately evaded contact with her daughters ever since – but fans at home aren’t convinced George is being completely honest about what happened.

One major red flag came on Tuesday night’s visit to Walford, when Anna revealed to her shocked dad and sister that she had used a private detective to track down Cindy and found her phone number.

Rather than being impressed or even curious about what she had discovered, George looked uncharacteristically scared – leading many fans to wonder if he himself had been the reason she had turned her back on them?

Taking to social media to share their thoughts on the subject, one fan speculated that George could potentially have been abusive, especially given his previous talent in the boxing ring.

“The big question remains: Why did Cindy leave the Knight family 9 years ago? Could George have been abusive towards her potentially?” Speculated one fan, before continuing: “Cindy still loves her girls so there must have been a strong reason for her to leave.”

A second fan also weighed in as they commented: “George looks petrified – what is he hiding? You can tell how much Cindy's absence has effected Gina and Anna.”

Meanwhile a third fan shared their thoughts that could possibly link George to the Christmas whodunnit storyline which will cost one resident their life, as they wrote: “I’m very concerned for George now. Don’t have any evidence to back it up but Christmas is coming.”

Although the full extent of Cindy’s return storyline has been kept a closely guarded secret, it’s safe to say to Cindy’s return to Walford will no doubt ruffle a few feathers, not least because it will be the first time she has come face to face with her daughter Lucy’s killer, Bobby Beale.

As regular fans will know, Bobby infamously killed Lucy when he was still just a child, and has since served his time in prison before undergoing a period of rehabilitation for his crime.

Despite the severity of his crime, many of the people in his life have accepted his remorse and allowed the young adult to live a happy life, but fans aren’t convinced Cindy will take quite so kindly to him – with some even fearing she may seek violent vengeance in the coming weeks.

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